Why can't some people respect others dating requirements?

This is no discrimination or hate towards anyone who took the Mrna Covid -19 vaccine. I am noticing some people who are vaccinated are upset that others are refusing to date them.

Based on some information that's out and my own research they're a few barriers with me and dating someone whose vaccinated.

I will not get into details here because it's private , but many who are unvaccinated have their own reasoning and if they want to share fine.

I will say I wouldn't want a partner whose taken something experimental. God forbid something happens to them and I'm left with that burden. I already lost a partner almost 10 years ago and it's very traumatizing when they're children involved.

Folks who are unvaccinated are being called discriminative and I'm confused just 2 years ago we were called lab rats and infecting everyone. So why are most mad? You should be happy were not dating you- we wouldn't want to Infect you.

I can deal with you from a distance without dating you before someone says , " We should all get along. "
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I sure wouldn't want someone to lie and think they're going to be with me. 50% of my conversations are with anti vaxxers. Eventually anti vaxxed discussions will be mentioned.
Why can't some people respect others dating requirements?
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