Do you consider spanking a child when naughty to be "child abuse"?

Do you considering spanking a child (hitting them anywhere but the face, as punishment) to be abuse?

I'm a teacher and had to do annual training again, including reporting child abuse. It is pretty standard, common sense stuff here in Korea (physical, emotional, psychological abuse, or neglect), but I imagine in America, "abuse" would be mis-gendering your child nowadays, because the West is raising a bunch of snowflakes.

I actually had an abusive mother, so I don't consider spanking to be abuse. I was moreso raised by my grandmother than my mother, and when I talked back, my Dutch-American grandma raised in the South, would actually use a tree branch to spank me with. Stung like a motherf*cker, but worked. I don't look at my grandma as being "abusive" for that, even though she "hit" me way more than my actual mother did.

A child KNOWS what's abuse and what's punishment. Abusive parents usually don't "love you" one minute, and hurt you the next. Their abuse is consistent and usually not just "physical abuse," but more so, emotional abuse and other forms, as well. If your mom and dad love you, but spanked you because you tried to steal your neighbor's car at age 12, then that's not abuse.

But what do you think? Considering today's Millennials, I imagine we're going to get a lot of "Dr. Phil moms" who think even raising your voice at a child is "abuse" and are going to have little future-felons by the time they're 15.

Yes, I consider spanking to be child abuse.
No, I don't consider spanking a child when they're being bad to be child abuse.
I don't know.
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Do you consider spanking a child when naughty to be "child abuse"?
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