D. Trump Has Been Indicted For GIVING S. Daniels $130,000. Why Isn't C. McCray Being Indicted For LOSING/MISAPPROPRIATING/STEALING Over $850 Million?


Donald Trump is being prosecuted for giving Stormy Daniels $130,000 of his OWN MONEY to be quiet about their affair, which is a misdemeanor in New York State. Meanwhile, why isn't Chirlane McCray being prosecuted (or at least vigorously investigated) for losing or misappropriating or stealing over $850 million in TAXPAYER DOLLARS as New York City's "Mental Health Czar" under the former mayor, Bill DeBlasio? By some accounts, she might've even made as much as $1.2 billion taxpayer dollars magically disappear. So why isn't Alvin Simon Theodore Bragg actively investigating this egregious financial matter?

Also, it's not "whataboutism", because if McCray was indicted and prosecuted for every $130,000 of taxpayer dollars she made vanish, she'd be facing at least a 6,538½ count indictment. That's based on the total amount being $850 million. If the total amount is actually $1.2 billion, she'd be facing a 9,230¾ count indictment. Just based on the mathematics alone, it seems more important to figure out what happened to $850 million (or $1.2 billion) of taxpayer dollars than to figure out what happened to $130,000 of non-public money. Makes "cents", right?

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I know why. Well done as usual, @NYCQuestions1976. 👍
I don't know why. Still well done as usual, @NYCQuestions1976. 👍
It's a coincidence. (I was actively laughing typing this option.) 😂
I'm a liberal and/or a socialist, so I'm used to bleeding other people's money, so I don't see the problem here.
I'm a far-right nut who thinks that New York City should burn in Hell anyway, so I don't care.
You really are a pillar in this community and morale for the masses!
I just wanted to use all the options. 😉👍😂
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I knew that Trump is such a polarizing figure one way or the other that people would miss the real point of the question: Alvin Bragg actively chasing $130,000 of non-public money out of his jurisdiction while making no effort to chase over $850 million of New York City taxpayer dollars in his jurisdiction that just magically vaporized like a fart in the wind.
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I don't need to agree with the opinions on my questions to be able to recognize effort. It's called "Most Helpful", not "Most Agreeable".
D. Trump Has Been Indicted For GIVING S. Daniels $130,000. Why Isn't C. McCray Being Indicted For LOSING/MISAPPROPRIATING/STEALING Over $850 Million?
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