How does it feel seeing more liberals come to their senses?


It just becomes more obvious every day how corrupt our government has become and it's connection to the media and woke movement.

More and more liberals I meet irl actually want to hear what conservatives have to say and a lot seemed genuinely surprised to realize that most people who are voting Trump are pretty middle of the road.

(everything after this is just me ranting)

I think his interview with Megan Kelly helped a lot but between Bidens issues, CNN being caught red handed with the Russia propaganda, and the FBI whistleblowers (amung other things if anyone's interested) it's just snapping people out of the anxiety fueled trance mainstream media has put people in.

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said "You can fool some people every time and everyone some of the time, but you can't get everyone every time"

If we ever get out of this, I hope we make legislation which stops foreign money from coming into congress. Our founding fathers warned against this and what I think made it possible was letting companies like Amazon and Google get way too big. Maybe Apple and Google could get a soft pass because despite some of their more shady actions, they've actually contributed a lot to this country and created a lot of industry with their influence. Unlike Amazon who's mission appears to simply be: Absorb all businesses, eliminate all competition.

I think a lot of liberals mean well when they say people shouldn't be able to get so rich and I partially agree, but I think the bigger problem is that the government allows corperations to get so big they have more power than congress.

How does it feel seeing more liberals come to their senses?
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