Do you support Israel, Hamas or only the Palestinian cause (but denounce Hamas)?

Do you support Israel, Hamas or only the Palestinian cause (but denounce Hamas)?

I am seeing a lot of ignorant people posting and thinking that Hamas = Palestine.

Hamas rules Palestine. Hamas was voted in by Palestinians. Hamas enjoyed popular support by Palestinians (not sure about that right now though). But Hamas is NOT Palestine.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. Period. Palestinians are an ethnicity and a regional group of people.

Assuming that all Palestinians are and/or support Hamas is like saying ALL Germans in WW2 were Nazis. Of course Nazi ideology dominated Germany but many Germans were against it (and there was internal rebellion).

But if you can’t denounce what Hamas did on Oct 6th you are a terrorist sympathizer and likely an anti semite. There is absolutely no way around that.

And all the collateral damage (innocent Palestinians being killed) right now is 100% the fault of Hamas. They are TELLING Palestinians to stay out when Israel is telling them to leave. Israel had no choice to do this. Not because they were attacked but if they show any weakness then Hezbollah will attack them from the North which will could eventually turn into a world war.

Also for the record I do NOT believe an innocent Israeli civilian’s life is worth more than an innocent Palestinian’s life. Is sickening and horrifying that so many innocent lives in the Gaza Strip are being lost.

But what disgusts and horrifies me is how many westerners are openly supporting Hamas right now. They aren’t even making the distinction between the Palestinian people’s freedom cause vs. the actions of a terrorist organization.

At best you are willfully ignorant if you support Hamas and don’t know all the facts. But we are observing rising anti semitism from western leftists now. It’s greatest irony is they are usually the ones that like to call other people they don’t like “Nazis”.

I support Israel
I support Palestine and what Hamas did on Oct 6th was justified and necessary
I support Palestine but I completely denounce Hamas terrorism
Nobody, other or don’t care.
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A lot of people voting C on this poll are really believing in option B.
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For you people who don’t want to take a side on this I get it. But you need to understand there is a very threatening possibility of this war escalating where both Iran and the USA directly get involved. Get educated on what’s happening!

Also there is almost never a 100% good vs. evil in most wars including the Russo Ukraine war. But it always about choosing the lesser to two evils. Israel is not perfect by any means. But Hamas is sheer evil. Even Joe Biden was willing to say that.
Do you support Israel, Hamas or only the Palestinian cause (but denounce Hamas)?
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