Am I a jerk for unfollowing, unfriending, and blocking these "negative" people in my life?

I've had these folks following my Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat for quite a while. In fact, even before I started the 'social media detox', when I was pretending to run for mayor in my city, I was mocking a girl because of her name and continued to talk about her when she blocked me; I only stopped the second time she told me to.

Anyway, I've started to see a pattern in at least two of these three buddies; they are consistently pro-Andrew Tate (a girlfriend-beater), and when I showed them proof they told me that it's not true, he did that because of x and y, and one of those friends also sent the group chat a picture looking like it was from the 1700s-1800s that was clearly referring to my family; he made some joke about my "great-grandfather" and unfortunately I had the tendency to let it slide. I think they were implying that I am stuck in the stone age, that because of my keto diet I have started to become way less "based" (an alt-right term, by the way) and way more liberal.

Not only do they support macho-man extremists like Tate, but they also support Jordan Peterson (I pointed out that reason for me not supporting Tate), and one of them asked me what is wrong with him. I pointed out that he is selfish, thinks the whole world revolves around Christianity (to which I was responded to with a "it does").

They seem to have prejudiced views about Muslims, usually about "Mohammad"(?) being a pedophile, and I was trying to challenge one person who is in blatantly blind support of Israel. I sent two messages in the group chat stating my expressions about Israel and Palestine. I was offended that he only liked my last message saying that both countries were frauds and need to be overtaken by Jesus, but not the one before it with a news link stating that the IDF killed an innocent five-year-old while at war with Hamas.

I regret ever giving information about my former co-worker from Target to this stupid prejudiced guy. I'm sure they hit up with each other.

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Also they had the tendency to call me a geek (basically a nerd), which I didn't know people still do past high school. That was when I said I don't follow Hollywood, celebrities (like The Rock), or support Tate. They also said men don't need therapy, it's feminine and it's teaching men to be feminine.
Am I a jerk for unfollowing, unfriending, and blocking these "negative" people in my life?
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