Did I just get a pity text?

So my relationship with this guy is insanely complicated, and probably one of the most unusual ones. We've had this thing for each other for years, since we were young. Now we're close to graduating high school. Anyways its not uncommon for us to not talk much during the school year, even though we go to the same school, because our schedules are opposite and we don't see each other at all. But we care a lot about each other ever since we were young. Well I found out he was in the hospital and me and him joked around before that if anything happened to him I wouldn't hear about it because no one would tell me which has always been the case, but someone actually told me. So I texted him and asked him if he was okay. He said yeah and thanks, and asked who told me. So I told him that "a few people have come up to me and told me since I guess everyone thinks I should hear anything involving you haha." Well he didn't text me back after that. I know I won't talk to him for probably a couple weeks, maybe months. So was the first text just a pity text? And how do I look in his eyes because of the whole situation?):
Did I just get a pity text?
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