How can I stop being TOO independent and let a guy in?

Being an independent woman is something I always admired in others, and I always wanted to become one myself. Well, it seems that because of how much life kicked my butt the last few years, I have become SUPER independent, pretty much can do anything myself and very, very rarely ask anyone for help, even with very manly tasks. I also HATE when people try to tell me what to do, how to live my life, or try to give me unsolicited advice. I absolutely hate even more when someone insults my intelligence by implying that I am not capable of doing something myself.

Now in just my own personal life, all of these qualities of independence and being able to take care of myself would be great. BUT, I feel like they are also hurting me and any dating/relationships I get into. I can't seem to know how to feed a man's ego like some girls do, by letting the guy do things for them or keep telling him how awesome he is at everything. If I don't actually think that, it's hard for me to lie about it. I think it becomes a problem when a guy just "expects" me to do some things for him, or tries to make me do things, or when he thinks that he walks on water when I feel like I am way more accomplished (and trust me, I am very modest and would never say something like that to anyone in real life).

I would love to compromise, but I can't get myself to do something I don't like to do, even if it's something he would enjoy. I feel like every time a guy asks me to do something I don't like, I am going to explode. I guess I always imagined that if I find the right guy, we will just enjoy everything about each other and I won't need to change who I am to accommodate him. Am I living in some fairy tale imaginary world? lol.

So my question is - how can I become more... I guess submissive? And I don't mean become a complete slave, I just mean try to compromise and try new things with more excitement rather than frustration? How can I let go a bit of my independence and let the guy feel like the manly man once in a while?

I have always struggled with this, and I think it is really hurting my relationships, because I always feel like I want to "wear the pants" and be the person who knows how to handle anything lol. Any help much appreciated!
How can I stop being TOO independent and let a guy in?
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