Work advice: want to quit my retail job

So I work part time at a retail drug store, and I need to quit within the next few weeks.

Real reasons:

-This is a second job, the first being a full time job for my family's company. My role in my first job is changing, and I want to focus more of my energy on that.

-I have hobbies I want to devote time to.

-I hate hate hate working at the store; the customers aren't my friends, my co-workers aren't my friends. It is weirdly hellish and physically demanding. I get so exhausted after a shift.

-It makes me feel bad about myself and my self-worth, and like I have no dreams and I won't accomplish anything with my life.

-I have reached my personal financial savings goal. I don't need to suffer anymore really.

-We all have to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years etc etc. (wonder if you can guess where I work...).

The problem is that the holiday season is gearing up, and they expect me to be there and work (and do more physically demanding stuff). I used to work for the corporate office, so the managers regard me as someone with company loyalty etc... even though I show no motivation to become shift lead or progress towards management (I assume they know I don't give a rats ass, but they do respect me enough). They are all stressed out, and I feel bad for all the assistant managers. They also pretend to be friendly with me (not real friends, but they act like they care).

I made it clear when they first hired me that this is a job that may end with me leaving, but "I'll see where it goes" (hinting that I may want to go down the store management path). It was a little manipulative of me to leave my motivations so open-ended, but I needed a part time job at the time.

What should I tell my manager about why I'm leaving? I feel like real reason #1 is the only thing to say, but they will be suspicious that I'm leaving before Christmas. Should I just keep up the charade?

How should this conversation go?

I've quit a job before, but the last time, my reason was "I'm relocating". Ugh, that was so much less awkward.
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Thanks, guys. You're right. People just got overly involved in my life, and it makes it hard for me to compartmentalize.

Can't wait to never step foot in that store though! And transfer my scripts/business elsewhere (aka to the competitor down the street)!
Work advice: want to quit my retail job
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