Who else is so angry at Russia and wants as many of their soldiers in the ground as possible?

At first I felt bad because they were being led in to this war on a lie, but there is NO EXCUSE at this point unless they are living in...

Have you ever been to a protest? Would you go to one?

I’ve never been to a protest but I want to go to one

Ever wonder why there aren’t a lot of Biden hats?

Or shirts or flags? There’s really none…not even American flags. It’s like Trumpers doth protest their patriotism.

Why do you dislike generalities?

If you do dislike them

Is this photo racist?

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Do you support U. S. going into war and defend Taiwan in the case of Chinese civil war turning into hot war again?

I'm asking as for the first time in poll, majority of Americans are willing to defend Taiwan now. Would you support it? and also...
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Is Biden just flat out incompetent or pure evil?

Take our gas prices. He stopped domestic oil production and shut pipelines down. Then he goes to opec and Russia and asks THEM to...
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Do you allow others online to insult you and keep talking with them?

And how strongly do you feel insults? Discussions on perspectives and opinions quickly turn to insults. Some people... most people......
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Media reports Russia has thousands of troops on Ukraine border poised to invade, What Biden do if Russia invaded Ukraine?

or is this just more bullshit NBC and ABC and not true like they lied about Trump, Rittenhouse. and everything else. How many times can...
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