Do we need to go back to school to learn the meaning and definition of words - or are we going to drink the FOX Koolaid? taken hold, possession, or control of, as by force or legal authority; confiscated,...

A TRUMP APPOINTED JUDGE is putting LIMITS on a Current PRESIDENT from spreading misinformation (did you know drinking bleach cured Covid)? Federal judge limits Biden administration...

Any gardeners out their?

I have always enjoyed garden fresh veggies. Anyone else?

Do they really strip search you in prison?

I don't know if any of you here ever been to prison but I am wondering.. Do they really strip search you in jail?

Is florida the best state in the us to live in?

I was thinking about moving to Florida, they have a cherished stand your ground law, they have a castle doctrine, growing drugs is a...

Overall do you have a positive or negative view on peaceful protesters?

When you see them on the sidewalks and such what are you thinking?
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Why did the Roman Empire fall?

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Men or toilets?

Today is both international men's day and world toilet day. Which one are you celebrating and how? I'm killing two birds with one stone...
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Should we be concerned by overly “obvious” names?

Common signs of liars… Maybe ridiculous names like Obamacare are fine.
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Things have doubled in price last two years , will Biden fining cargo ships $100 each day cause prices to triple?

I am surprised he didn't fine $100 per container and Mr Bubble bubble bath isn't $50 a bottle. Why does California get the money with a...
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Is it Kind to Now be Able to Call Pedophiles "Minor Attracted?"?

**I saw this On the News last Night. Is it a Crime or Really just a Disorder? xx
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What group of people is most discriminated against?

I think Jews are #1 . More people hate Jews than any other group. Asians are 2nd and White males come in 3rd.
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