NBA Bubble Vs. MLB on Protecting Players from Corona Virus

NBA Bubble Vs. MLB on Protecting Players from Corona Virus

Most of us have been WAITING for sports to resume to help us all let off some emotional steam from having to deal with Covid/Life non-stop for months now, and the perfect way to do that is sports. However, we knew as fans, we would not be allowed back in our favorite houses due to health and safety concerns of having, oh, I don't know, thousands of people crammed cheek to cheek all cheering, spitting, screaming, fighting, eating, touching, hugging, and the like in tight quarters.

Let's hear the NBA's plan to keep their players safe

NBA Bubble Vs. MLB on Protecting Players from Corona Virus

After several corona virus tests marked negative, players will depart from their normal human lives to a checkpoint where they will be temp scanned, and transported on a plane with masks sat six feet apart to what will be known as "The Bubble." Once in the bubble, aka Disney Florida, players will not be able to have contact with anyone outside of the bubble for the duration of the season (roughly 3 months or less depending on how well they play). No family. No friends. No visitors. NO ONE. They will quarantine in their rooms (one player per room) for a total of 48 hours where food will be served to them.

After this period, they must then begin a regimen of doctor/nurse administered corona virus testing daily and self reporting their vitals to an app which will not allow them further congress if it is not done in a timely manner. They must wear a room band, that is tied to their health/app results that will not allow them access to the buildings or their hotel room at all if they test positive or do not self report their daily health reports.

They must wear face masks any time they are not eating (food will only be prepared and served from Disney facilities) or playing basketball anywhere on campus. If a player needs to leave for a family emergency, they must then be quarantined for 10 full days, getting tested all the while, before they will be allowed contact with other persons in the Bubble. During practice, meetings, and official games, players and staff with masks, on the sidelines will be sat 6 feet apart and locker room lockers will also be placed 6 feet apart from other players.

Since the bubble took effect, of 322 players, 2 tested positive in the bubble, but never made it out of quarantine before being sent home to self-isolate.

NBA Bubble Vs. MLB on Protecting Players from Corona Virus

And now for the MLB's corona virus plans

Here in lies the potentially fatal flaw in baseballs corona virus protocols. Unlike the NBA, there is no bubble and no one central location to play the sport for teams, so teams are having to go state to state, stadium to stadium, sometimes under different local CDC health guidelines in regards to Corona leaving each team open to picking up infection anywhere they go.

The players are being tested frequently just like the NBA players, but they are also interacting with a lot more hotel staff, club attendees, drivers, medical staff, etc---anyone along the way that can infect them. Masks are optional for players during game play, however, because of all outside interaction, this means that players can easily slide into a base, stand up, infect player one, and on and on because there is no essential quarantine from the outside world bringing the virus in.

We are currently only a few days into the shortened season, and 13 players on one team alone have tested positive! forcing cancellations and players to opt out of game play this season. The MLB has so far not cancelled the season but players understandably are starting to worry whether a) they'll ever finish the season and b)if the MLB truly cares about their safety.

So what do you think? Would you play? Which sport would you feel more comfortable following their safety protocols? Do you think the NBA and/or MLB season will make it to the end successfully? Thoughts?

NBA Bubble Vs. MLB on Protecting Players from Corona Virus
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  • Anonymous
    The fans are more important. I’m not going to watch anymore sports from now on since they have cardboard cut outs as fans. I would rather be the one playing the games
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    • Anonymous

      The cardboard cut outs are super creepy to me, but I get it (plus a lot of the proceeds are going to local charities). If I were in charge of the NBA or MLB, the last thing I want to be known as is the person who decided fans should attend games, and then a full on outbreak happens that, like outside of sports, kills thousands as a result. That will be 299$ for a cut out, and did you want that behind home plate or...

    • Anonymous

      There won’t be a outbreak if fans attend games period. When everything returns back to normal they will be crying for fans to return maybe. People aren’t stupid and they don’t want to be controlled. It’s not that people hate the idea of masks, it’s simply that they don’t want to be controlled and told what they can and can’t do.

  • Anonymous
    Imma save this link and when an NBA champion is crowned imma come back and flame all y'all. 0 positive test in the bubble rn bitches. MLB is fucked though.
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    • Anonymous

      I mean they are literally wearing like 3 tracking devices each so unless they are hackers or someone manages to hop a fence, swim through the mote and then gain access to players/staff, I think the bubble is the safest place right now on earth other than backwoods areas, bunkers, Antarctica, and remote islands.

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  • Cryptic-Game
    I like baseball better but think the NBA is doing the better job with it.

    Also, the NHL is playing under a bubble too.
    • Anonymous

      You really do need to take extreme measures if a sport is close contact as most of them are. It's stupid to think you can just go about your business and players will be fine. That hasn't worked for the rest of us, so there's that.

    • The MLB played it arrogantly. I mist admit. They wanted to play in their home stadiums than play them all in Arizona like they all planned to do previously.

    • must, not mist

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I say cancel they seasons and pay the players a base salary but not their contracted amount
  • stuntbrain
    A bubble that's going to burst very soon. Seasons will be abandoned within a week
  • Thatsamazing
    Yes MLB isn't handling it particularly well.
  • Sylvanas_Windrunner
    Corona ain't gonna stop the lakers from winning
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  • Anonymous
    they should just stop. they're worried more about money and pushing SJW issues than they are about safety, and that includes the players. This isn't just an owner issue.