How bad it is to lose to a girl?

When I was like 11 or 12 me and this girl in my class had a fight at school. We were both really tall kids for our age and similar structures. The teacher had to separate us and neither of us knocked the other out. Even if no one won of couse I was shamed for not being able to defeat a girl.

I felt like shit since I wanted to be stronger then a girl and joined karate soon after. Worst part was she had the same idea and we both entered same dojo! Imagine my face when I saw her there...

A few years later, we were 14, later we fought a no rules match to train for a competition. I never fought somone with more anger in my life! Still remembering that tie a few year before. It ended with with a kick to her head. I still remember the sight of her head flooping back as my chin guard hit her face. Judge all you want I felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders.

The first fight never even had an end and I was this mad about it. What effect does this have on you?
How bad it is to lose to a girl?
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How bad it is to lose to a girl?
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