Why do I lose interest in girls so fast?

It's pretty bad. I'll start talking to a girl and we'll end up hooking up and I literally will be instantly bored. I start getting text from them and start slowly distancing myself making excuses and get to the point where I straight up ignore them. If I get nudes from a girl and she tells me or makes any signs that she is not actually willing to hook up then I'll just leave the situation. I know it sounds terrible but I don't know what is wrong with me. Real advice pls


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  • There might be a thing from the past that's bothering you (affection issues, abuse) and that's making you scared of getting to know people. You might think you will hurt them or they will hurt you.
    You may need to work on that with a therapist. I say this because the exact same thing was happening to me.
    Therapy is not as scary as is sounds and it definetely helps.
    Good luck! :)

    • I go to counseling. I had a girl literally break my heart a little over a year ago. Words can't even described how I felt. Together for almost four years Was about to get married to her. It would probabaly be pretty obvious that this is why Im doing that. I just don't feel like it's a direct connection in my head. Just something subconsciously I guess

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    • If you don't feel a connection between those facts, maybe you're hooking up with girls that are attractive physically and not in their personality. So when you''be already hooked up, you feel like there's nothing more they can give you and you lose interest.

    • Could be. I'm sure if I got to know some of them and tried I could possibly be interested but I don't even want to put an effort. I don't know man I'm fcked up lol thanks for you help though

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  • You want the cold hard truth? You seem to just like chasing girls around but never wanting to stay.


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  • You want a challenge. You want someone worth the effort. You find girls who easily give you want you want incredibly boring. You are looking for someone enticing.

    • Pretty logical and straight to the point. It makes sense. I just don't want to feel like a terrible guy anymore by dropping girls like that. Not morally correct.

  • That's common not only in guys but for girls as well. I lose interest in guys really fast too. But i don't feel worried about it. If they couldn't manage to make me interested it is their fault not mine.

    • Do you think its wrong to have sex with someone and just drop them after though?

    • From the point of view of girl who has heard many stories from girls about such things as you said it is not that morally correct.

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