Hollywood Predicting the Future?

I notice a lot of movies that came put in the 80's predicted what the future would look like. One movie that comes to mind is Back To The Future 2 where Marty travels to the year 2015 and sees that his older self can watch tv on a flat screen like we do today with televisions that are flat screen. He also has access to multiple channels that he can watch at the same time. Then there's where Marty has a video chat with his boss on tv and gets a fax from him. We are able to do video chats like that today on our computers or smart phones through various apps like Facetime or Duo for example. We don't have flying cars which would be cool but the thought of flying an automobile that weighs a ton seems impossible. Hollywood predicting the future?

Terminator you had a robot from the future set to the past to kill Sarah Conner to stop Judgement Day and Skynet from going online.

We have robots today that are being created that look like actual humans and are being made to work along side humans for the greater good. Sophia is the first robot created that wants to become a citizen and wants to work with humans and learn from them and overtime become advanced as she gains knowledge and is capable on facial expressions and can remember people's names. She has even joked about destroying the human race in interviews done with her about if she identifies as a human or robot. I know it sounds like something out of science fiction but i believe that Hollywood has played a huge part in how the world has evolved throughout time with technology advancing every year as we discover new things to better ourselves and society as a whole.Hollywood Predicting the Future?


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    I think film often has a knack for identifying modern problems or issues, and then analyzing them in ways that can be predictive of how events transpire sometimes. This can be particularly true of political satires, social issue movies, and science fiction.

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  • Well, it's actually the science fiction AUTHORS who have been "advancing society" as a whole amd "predicting the future." Hollywood, if anything, has been screwing up their message and their ideas. Many science fiction authors are also scientists, and were able to anticipate the future. Arthur C. Clarke, for instance predicted communication satellites long before they were ever designed.

  • I remember feeling like Captain Kirk when I got my first flip phone.

  • Robots are evil and will destroy the human race.


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