My UFO Encounter!

Strange Craft Hovering Above My Work
Strange Craft Hovering Above My Work

After years of watching, reading and hearing stories about UFO reports. After my cousin's very own UFO encounter. After brief phases of looking up at the sky hoping to see one myself, it FINALLY happened! Yesterday afternoon, entirely by chance, I had my very own UFO encounter. I guess the theory holds true, things you want to see always show up when you AREN'T looking for them.


It was another slow day at the kiosk in my state park. At exactly 2:23 in the afternoon, I happened to glance up at the sky through my kiosk window. Suddenly, a I saw it. A dot of light hovering in the sky performing strange maneuvers, no sound emanating from it. I immediately knew it was no ordinary aircraft. I grabbed my camera and attempted to document the object. The dot of light was moving further away and I had trouble locating it in my view finder. I decided to zoom out and just start clicking, hoping it would appear somewhere in the picture. After maybe 30 seconds, I was finally able to locate the object in my view finder and zoom in on it. I tried to focus my lens to get a clear image, but the object was moving too fast. At that point I figured it was better to capture a fuzzy image than no image, so I just started clicking away, as I knew there was always a chance of digitally enhancing the image later. It was only after I zoomed in, that I realized just how bizarre this object was. It was donut shaped, and appeared to have lights emanating from it, though looking at the picture now, I see it might have been the sun reflecting off the craft. The craft stayed within my view for a few minutes, but as soon as I attempted to get a video of it, it took off to the north, as if the occupants knew how to avoid being documented, a theory I've long had.

My UFO Encounter!

Anyways, right as the craft was flying off, a line of customers started to form. I could still see the object, but didn't dare point it out to them for fear they would think I was crazy!

Approximately 7 minutes after my sighting, a Sheriff's helicopter flew overhead in the same vicinity the object had been in. The helicopter returned several more times. And yes, I know EXACTLY what you're thinking right now, and we'll get to that in a little bit.

My UFO Encounter!

Of course, I immediately went on my phone and Googled "Donut Shaped UFO", and quickly discovered that my sighting wasn't the first of its kind. Apparently, there have been quite a few sightings of donut shaped UFOs across the world. Some I could tell right off the bat were fake. Others on the other hand, seemed more convincing. But just like me, no one was able to get a clear image of it.

My UFO Encounter!

I also attempted to find out if there was anything in the locals news or social media about the object. I wasn't able to find anything, which made me think the object was nothing out of the ordinary. With its close proximity to the highway, I knew there was no way others couldn't have seen it. I DID eventually come across reports of other UFO sightings in my town, some of which had logical explanations, others did not. Which leads me to THIS.....


What I Saw Was Just The Sheriff's Chopper

My UFO Encounter!

After the Sheriff's helicopter showed, this was the first logical explanation that came to mind. Here we see the same object at a different angle. As you can see, the outline looks very similar to that of a helicopter. The yellow light could simply be the sun reflecting off the chopper. HOWEVER, I have never seen any helicopter maneuver in such a way that it forms a perfect donut shape, with a hole in the middle showing through to the sky. Also, helicopters make sounds. This object didn't. It is possible I couldn't hear it because of the loud swamp cooler in my kiosk, but based of the object's other appearances, I am not so sure this was a helicopter. Also, I saw the Sherriff's chopper a few other times that day, at various distances, and it was obvious it was a chopper. Despite the photo comparison I have here, I do not think that this object was a helicopter. The Sherriff's chopper was possibly tracking it.

The Object Was A Weather Balloon

My UFO Encounter!

This is by far the most popular explanation for UFO sightings. And after finding reports of other sightings in my town that turned out to be weather balloons, as well as this picture, showing an object attached to the weather balloon which is similar to the object I witnessed, I begun to think that this is the most logical explanation for what I saw. However, there is one problem with this theory...."Where is the balloon?" Even if it was clear/white, the object was close enough to me, that I most likely would have seen some sort of balloon structure attached to it. The donut object I saw didn't appear to have anything attached to it, which makes me question this theory.

Some Sort Of Drone Or New Military Craft

Researching other sightings/images of donut shaped UFOs all over the world, one popular theory that kept appearing is that this is some of new military craft. There are some air-force bases not too far from my town, so this could be a possible explanation. Another theory my mom came up with is that it might have been some sort of strange drone. Since my math skills aren't good enough to calculate the size of the object, I can not say with certainty whether one of these theories are true.

It Really WAS An Alien Spacecraft

With the inability to confirm any of the other theories, we must always be open to the possibility that what I saw on the afternoon of September 15, 2019 was indeed an alien space craft from another galaxy. This makes me wonder however, why on earth would aliens want to visit this crappy town, especially at THIS time of the year. Could be they were checking up on the spillway repairs that have been taking place for the past few years. Or maybe they simply wanted to get a closer look at our lakes and geologic features. Unless I can find some other reports if this object online, we may never know for sure. But it's really cool to think that some strange beings from another galaxy might have been staring down at me through the window of their space ship.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what YOU think this object was, in the comments section.

UPDATE: Here's PROOF that the photos aren't doctored!

My UFO Encounter!
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  • Nik1hil
    That's an unidentified flying object..
    Not sure if alien spaceship..
    Also.. You did your best... I am surprised that you actually got a a picture..
    Because that's not logically possible..
    Since those Objects ( most Alien spaceships) operate upon a
    propellent-less propulsion..
    As in they defy Newtons 3rd law...
    They don't have momentum, since the spaceships aren't moving they are bending the gravity and space around them..
    They don't have a Vector value, So they can change direction quickly..

    The image you took.. Also try seeing this image you took not only in visible light radiation..
    Get its infrared! UV prints done too..
    Because your camera records a lot more than visible radiation..
    Look closely at the picture
    If you notice distortion in air around the UFO.. As in the UFO has force fields around it..
    There is a good chance you actually saw a flying object that was not of human origin or if human its not publicly known..

    Oh and it's no big deal..
    Relax bruh..
    You call them aliens we call them God's in Hindu mythology.
    They watch over us..
    Protect us and we worship them..
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  • Guffrus
    You should have just enjoyed the experience instead of dicking around with your camera.

    The problem with seeing a ufo is that its pretty much pointless sharing the experience, its not a proof for anyone else only you know that you saw what you saw and even then you dont have a clue what it was.

    Too many pricks out there who like to fake this stuff for anyone to be taken at all seriously.
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    • I know what you mean.
      My parents are telling me to send it to the local news, but i don't wanna get ridiculed.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Rica_ChicaUSA
    That’s actually pretty cool. Imagine if it really was an alien UFO, what could happen in the future 😂 especially if the look like the ones in the movies LOL
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  • dancing_in_nebulas
    If that is a UFO, then those are the most adorable little jelly-filled pastry aliens ever.

    That's exciting. Aliens are def real.

    My UFO Encounter!
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    • It's like nothing I've seen before.
      Damn, I really wish I could've gotten a better quality pic.
      But they're never good quality. The aliens don't want them to be

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  • nerms123
    Yeah I saw a yeti because of global warming it got pushed out of its natural habitat poor guy
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    • Holy shit!
      Where was THIS?

    • nerms123

      I found him in my yard in montana. He’s living with me now. A very sweet pet. The only thing is his fur needs lots of brushing.

    • WHAT?
      Dude! You gotta call someone and donate that to science! You'll be famous. You can't fucking keep it
      Post a picture of it?
      Is it just a baby? I imagine the thing would be really aggressive. If mother comes back for it you're fucked.
      I can't believe you actually have one, that's fucking amazing! You gotta call National Geographic or the Smithsonian. The world has been waiting for a discovery like this.

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  • Darkistoolight__
    This is so interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by UFO’s and the idea of other beings. We have areas 51 for a reason y’all, it’s real.
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    • Did you here about those Dutch tourists who got arrested for filming area 51?

    • I did! They apparently got a few miles in. I get they shouldn’t have trespassed but I hope they don’t send them to jail, a fine should do. But, I think they’re going to make an example out of them unfortunately.

    • Oh, they actually got in?
      You're supposed to be shot on site.

      At least they actually went through with the Storm Area 51 thing

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  • jayden12

    Ephesians 2:2
    in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the PRINCE of the POWER of the AIR, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience
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  • alice55
    It can be a new military stuff that hadn't been showed yet.
    The forms of this UFO is quite cute though *-*
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    • The most LOGICAL explanation is that the police were testing some new drone.
      It literally gave me chills though, because it's so strange.
      That would be cool if it was aliens though. But it seems to have been moving upward from the ground. It was most likely some kind of drone.

    • alice55

      Yes, it's surely a drone or something similar.
      I don't believe in aliens personally, I think if they truly existed we would have some proof by now.

    • Well the universe is so big that there HAS to be other life out there somewhere.
      Now, whether or not they've visited earth is an entirely different issue.

      But some astronomers sent out a capsule with music and pictures and also sent radio signals towards planets they THINK could support life, but if there IS something intelligent living there, it will be several decades before we receive a signal back.

      Astronomers DID receive some strange radio signal several years ago, but were never able to confirm what it was or where it came from.

      But yes, there HAS to be other life out there, but it doesn't necessarily have to be intelligent or look like the aliens from the movies.
      We already know there is MICROSCOPIC life in outer space.

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  • Shezadi
    You are quite intelligent and I didn't know you can write good articles!
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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    That's just a glazed donut you tossed in the air and quickly took a photo of.
    You aren't fooling anyone. 😂
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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Interesting, I go more with the theory that it could be a military/scientific aircraft.
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  • Tamera952
    Very interesting. Make sure you do your part, and report it to: I had one, and one only, legit sighting happen to me in 1988 as a kid, and retroactively reported it, just for what its worth.
  • lightbulb27
    Lots of fun to see that, I don't know what to think. Why are photos so blurry when the helicopter photo so clear? distance?

    Wonder if aliens spotted our Tesla flying around the sun and decided to send us a very large Bagel with creme cheese? If so, that be one toasty bagel on reentry!

    Where did the unit fly off to?
  • joewaldrup64
    We are on the verge of full disclosure by the Government about the existence of UFOs. The Navy has recently come forward of gun camera UFO footage and it has openly been broadcast on network news with the admission by the Navy that they have no explanation of what was being filmed. They only said it was nothing that the military gas in it's procession.
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  • Nadim171
    There is a 3rd theory. It could be the airforce testing a new aircraft. Most false UFO sightings were actually of modern choppers that weren't officially shown to the public yet
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    • I listed that was one of my theories.
      Do you think alien girls have sexy feet?

    • Nadim171

      😂 I never saw one

    • Shezadi

      Omg! Zeuss you are so funny!

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I think it could been the Sheriffs Chopper but hard to say it could be a UFO?
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  • AkshiJanjua
    i am pretty sure that's an UFO
    you had your 1 st kind
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  • nicholas197643
    i think there are ufo's they are at area 51 i believe the people who say they have been taken by ufo's
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    • Did you here about those Dutch tourists who got arrested for filming area 51?

    • i heard about that they should let them go they didint do anything wrong i live 2 hours from areal 51 i'm in las vegas

  • SexyAshh
    So cool!

    I do def. believe there is aliens. As to whether that was an alien, couldve been but couldve also been what you showed

    Regardless, very cool!
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  • NightNshiningArmor
    It's a wedding ring as seen from above like pokeman
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  • Angels-vs-Demons
    Congratulations on your experience. Hopefully you can share more with us.
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  • 76622j773
    I wonder if they might be time travelers from the future
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    • I've sometimes wondered that as well. I should have put that as one of the theories

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    My guess is a UFO-looking drone or experimental research craft.
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  • dmbfck
    That’s a donut
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  • RyanEC
    I don’t know what you saw.
    If aliens were here I would think they would try to keep a low profile.
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    • RyanEC

      Although it’s not impossible.

  • OfDeath
    My UFO Encounter!
  • Agape93
    Very cool man
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  • highjinx
    looks like someone dropped a bagel from a airplane My UFO Encounter!
  • SydneySentinel
    They are among us.
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  • Kayla45
    That's clearly a donut.
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    • Cop dropped his donut

    • That’s when you want to get away from a cop.. Toss a donut out the window.. Is that why? Zeus? That’s why right? You wanted to get away from the cops right? xDD

  • mermaidia_lol
    Someone blew a bubble.
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  • ChocoLada
    I hope that was the real alien spaceship :)
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  • Amduscias98
    Nice donut.
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    • For real though, what do you think it was?

    • Didn't look like a ufo.

    • Well UFO stands for "Unidentified Flying Object". Doesn't necessarily have to be a flying saucer.
      So what do you think it was?

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  • scooogy
    I wouldn't say that dropping a donut would count as an UFO encounter.
    • The Sheriff chopper pilot lost one of his donuts

  • FunkyMonkee
    I've had a few myself.
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    • REALLY?
      Were you able to document them?

    • No, I don't have any way to do that and the first one was so quick I didn't even realize it was happening until it was over. Even I had a way to record it, it was over a second after I saw it. And the third one I wasn't even sure of until a second before it was over. It lasted a good 15 or 20 seconds but, I just didn't that's what I was seeing until it was over.

  • RomanEmperor
    Tell Giorgio Tsouaklos?
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  • XenoXHu
    It's a flying bagel owo
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  • Daniel3035
    Looks like a ufo drone one of those copy ones.
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  • Wowgirl30q
    Lmao 👍👍👍 nice job sir
  • BazookaTrouper
    Why is a flying cheerio in your first picture?
  • deadman69
    Someone threw a donut
  • johngary
    I'm a pleidian