Do you think it is still wise at this time to organize trips to other countries due to the new variant?

I mean borders started to open in many world countries again and people again started to travel one more time but following still precautions. Many countries ask for different requirements to get inside their countries and that differ from country to country. So a traveler needs to hand it the different requirements each country asks.

Knowing that it is all a hassle now to travel: negative tests, fill in different forms, carry some kind of vaccinated card, and now with this never variant borders are getting stricter now again in asking documents or tests and each country asks for different things before you are allowed to get inside the country, traveling now due tot he pandemic had really become a hassle as each country has different obstacles for the travelers. Based on all of this, Would you still be willing to travel or you find too much hassle to travel now you better wait for a couple of months.

I ask this because in the country I live and due to the holidays people still plan and organize trips to other countries with their families, even if they know wth the new variant protocols in each country are getting stricter and well is a huge stress to travel now. I mean if It was me with the new variant, restricted protocols in each country, new requirements that change every day in different countries and now even more due to this new variant. What a difficult is to travel now honestly. But people still organize trips knowing all the hassle and stress they are going to endure.
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Even with a coment of ""still we have to live"im not saying we should stop be living but with all the hassle of traveling now, in my case it makes me more of nto wanting to traveling cause all we have to go through, tests, fillingspecial forms in each country, and more restrictions, etc etfc I wotn be enjoying anything in the destination country for all the restrictions, Why I would waste my money on a country where I wotn be enjoying anything? I pass
Do you think it is still wise at this time to organize trips to other countries due to the new variant?
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