Let's Come Together and Talk About How Protected Classes of Cititzens Can Explain This Election to Our Kids

Let's Come Together and Talk About How Protected Classes of Cititzens Can Explain This Election to Our Kids

For those of us still left standing, after the attacks of the new POTUS, who feel disenfranchised and ignored but maybe still love the country they live in, how are you explaining this to your kids?

I accept the results of the election but how are you making your kids feel comfortable going to school tomorrow in a country that now [feels as if it] hates them?

America is no longer send us your tired and hungry. I feel like I'm living a rerun of the 50's but only one where the 1960's never happened. I have a born in Russia coworker crying, not because she's a communist or something but because she so proudly American and feels this is Un-American.

But please let us come together and talk about how to tell our immigrant children, children of color and daughters to understand this decision. Not everyone in the country hates them. Not everyone that voted for Trump hates them. But how are you personally helping your children to soldier on?

I know we have some great parents here so I look forward to your strong words.

Let's Come Together and Talk About How Protected Classes of Cititzens Can Explain This Election to Our Kids
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  • TuMeManques
    My husband who is Asian and not originally from thos country voted for Trump. He in no way feels discriminated against. My kids who are mixed race have been very exposed to the political process.

    I make a point to NEVER let things that happen be about race. People pull that out way too quickly and more often than not it's unjustified.

    I don't believe this election came down to race or sex all that much. I've already discussed it with my kids. Trump was not the ideal candidate but Hillary is probably the worst, most unlikeable, most untrustable candidate that has ever been put up by either party. That is why she lost. Period.

    And as I told my children before the outcome of the election "the President doesn't make this country great, the people do. If you want a good world then you choose to be good people" it's that simple.

    I think trump deserves a chance and if you don't respect the man at least respect the office.
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    • sjoes006

      "And as I told my children before the outcome of the election "the President doesn't make this country great, the people do. If you want a good world then you choose to be good people" it's that simple."

      These are very good words. Thanks for your response. I posted this due to seeing black correspondents last night asking this very real question. We can't change the election nor should we but we do need to find a way to deal and come together.

      I'd be asking this regardless. It's not my nature to have hate in my heart and the children of this nation deserve more from us. It's time we ALL act like adults.

      I really do appreciate your words and hope more like these will follow.

    • Thank you very much. I agree with you and hopefully this can be a time of healing.

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  • Fathoms77
    Rather than being blatantly racist and telling my kids that all white people are "privileged" and should be treated as the enemy, and that only minorities are "real" people, I'd say we might finally have a president whose top priority isn't coddling the whining masses, who have all become - white, black, whatever - little more than children in adult bodies.

    I'd say, "Well, kids, guess you'll actually have to work for a living now because standing around waiting for handouts, blaming everyone but yourselves, just isn't going to work anymore. Doesn't that suck?" :P
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    • But whining is so much more productive. 'duh

    • And who would have guessed that hating, blaming and scapegoating 33% of the US (white males) population would result in them not voting for your side. What a bummer

    • Fathoms77

      @FakeName123 Careful now... saying anybody hates white people, or in any way standing up for your race as a white person, makes you an immediate Klansman. :P

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    It is going to be an awkward few months and I hope the transition team can strike the right tone - Something has been unleashed hopefully the election was a cathartic moment for their frustration and it is dialled back a notch - I am honestly at the stage where I can't even begin to predict what is going to happen - I shall be viewing the online world over the next while as a weather vane.
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    • sjoes006

      Don't let the online world be the judge. Read papers and judge honestly policy actions. Most of the media are simply talking heads. NPR has a good partnership with BBC programs. Actions speak louder than words. So far Environmental issues seem to be doomed.

      I'm volunteering time and resources to make fundraise for this cause now.

      I'm lucky to have been raised by two parents of different cultures thst refuse to let me see divided tear us apart. I'm not allowed to see a divided Ireland. One of my grandparents is Cajun and that family taught me the difference between surviving and living when stateless or otherwise.

      The world doesn't change overnight. At a micro level we can move things forward. That's the most important change anyways. These kids will be the change of our future, perhaps because of their POTUS. It's easy to get lazy when you think you have won. These kids now know what they are fighting for.

  • front2back
    "Hey kids, Trump said some mean things but because his opponent was such a fuckwit he managed to win anyways. Such is life under the two party system."
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    • sjoes006

      Nice car

    • sjoes006

      The election is over. I'd like to repair this nation. Will you help?

      Please give us some truly inspiring words about your candidate. Let's make this country great again and work for everyone.

    • front2back

      "You see kids, political parties have been rigging elections since the birth of our nation. First they instituted the Electoral College so that the people's vote for president didn't ACTUALLY matter. Then, they rigged their own elections for their parties or at least attempted to in order to keep "undesirables" out. Hillary Clinton rigged her party's primaries so that the much more appealing opponent Bernie Sanders couldn't win. On the other side of the coin, the Republican party tried to shut down a candidate known as Donald Trump, but despite everything he said he still won the primary to send a message to the party. This message was picked up and made new again by the general election. Could have voted 3rd party but everyone has their head so far up their ass that will never happen."

  • NearlyNapping
    There is nothing to explain because I disagree with everything you said. And guess what? The majority of Americans disagree also. Why would I fill my kid's heads full of leftist propaganda? There are far too many kids who have been brainwashed by that nonsense, and they are old enough to vote now. We don't need any more.
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  • Dred1614returns
    Kids, Trump is the president elect and deserves the basic respect entitled to his office.
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    • sjoes006

      I'm not arguing he doesn't. I'm saying if you are Latino, black, female or disabled how do you get your kids there?

      You don't deserve respect, respect is earned. As a boss I don't assume I deserve my employees' respect. It is something I earn everyday.

      It doesn't change overnight because you earned a title. But this was s too abstract for a 4 year old.

      Please help me inspire the youth. Please help me heal the nation. What would you say to these kids? I'm not trying to be decisive. I'm trying to open doors. The election is over, lets repairs this nation.

      Will you help?

    • I'm not saying he deserves respect. I'm saying that all Americans must respect the office of the presidency, regardless of who occupies it.

    • I'm sorry, that is a blatantly false statement... this is American, we're allowed to disrespect the office as well as the person that holds that office. I do not have to give him a chance and I do not have to respect the office of the President while he holds that office... that's part of living in America and being American.

  • rjroy3
    Like this


    Followed by saying, "Kids. If you really want to help other people. The best way to do that is make yourself strong first. America is in huge debt right now and we have some problems to take care of, before we can branch out further".
    • rjroy3

      If you have nothing. You can't give anything. If you starve your kids to feed another family it doesn't count. If you lose your job to get someone else employment it doesn't count.

    • sjoes006

      Interesting. thanks for sharing.

    • Fact, the U. S. debt is nothing but a piece of paper... if Trump wants to run the government like a business (which it's not and never was intended to be) then just right off that debt and start over, but he'd have to buy a lot of gold and put us back on the Gold standard, for that we can blame another Republican president, Richard M. Nixon.

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  • AynonOMouse
    That is how many White people have felt for years. The system has been against us for so long and every non-White person was fine with us being mistreated. They don't care about us, so it's time we started doing things for ourselves and not others.
    • sjoes006

      I appreciate your response and I do understand this may be a very real feeling for you. I'm as white as they come but this hasn't been my experience but it could have been. I didn't have a black kid or Hispanic person in any of my classes. I was raised in a very affluent community but then my parents moved us out to a lake community. I got to see racism and had many smart black friends that didn't even ever consider college because high school was seen as a crowning achievement. I've heard them called niggers to their face.

      That said I don't love affirmative action but it isn't us versus them. Get to know a black person on a friendly basis over time or a Spanish speaker. I swear to god it will make your life so much richer and the joy you get from that friendship will outlast and change you for the positive much more longterm than that of one with a white male cohort.

    • I've been around other races my whole life. (I live in CA). I've seen plenty of anti White racism for so many years, except from Asians. I've never encountered a problem with them. I've been passed over for promotion when I had twice the experience and far better performance, but I wasn't Black. That same Black person that became my supervisor stole from me, and teamed up with another to make up BS to get me fired.
      I've seen a Hispanic principal where I used to work let many students say racist things to a White kid right in front of him and do nothing. Then after I questioned it and tried to discipline them he didn't like me and fired me too.
      I've also had many good experiences with Hispanics too though, but I've still encountered much more racism against Whites. Those are just two examples.

    • What you describe is what those people have to live with on a daily basis... and you didn't like it happening to you, did you? That's the whole point those minorities have been trying to make for years, but white males (like you, and it used to be like me) never did believe them. Until it happens to you, then you feel resentment... well, how do you like it and can you understand how they feel about it?

      P. S. - Affirmative Action works both ways, in case neither of you know that, and that's by law, doesn't matter the color of your skin, if you're the minority, you're covered by Affirmative Action laws.

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  • ProbablyTooMature
    Funny... not one single thumbs up yet.

    Also, learn the difference between president elect and POTUS please.

    The rest is swill that I'm not going to bother to address.
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  • BruceJender
    It's alright guys, let her have a whine and moan so she doesn't feel alone.
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    • sjoes006

      That's the one thing I certainly don't feel but I'm glad you all are coming together.

  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    I don't give one single damn, Honestly.
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  • Adigelunar
  • chico800
    What are you talking about?
  • Anonymous
    What are you talking about? When America was saying give me your tired, poor and hungry they were kept on Ellis island until their application for legal entry into the United States was approved, Immigration to America has always been strict baring recently.
    Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants not legal immigrants there's a big difference. How are you going to lie to your kids that America hates them just because you object to the democratically elected president.
    Secondly there should be no such thing as a "protected class" we are all Americans and no one should be given special treatment or freebies that others are not entitled to which will be something I hope Trump gets rid of.
    You should talk to your kids about the importance of voting and explain to them that the people currently rioting likely didn't perform their civic duty and vote and thinks its acceptable to riot because they hate democracy.
    End of the day people need jobs not welfare handouts.
    • sjoes006

      I've worked with an Etruian refuge who was held in a detention camp for 6 months as well before gaining asylum. I had the pleasure of speaking to him at length. I hope and don't think Mr. Trump would hold up someone like him past that duration. This young man had a master's degreee and was so well learned on so many different topics and just reasonably glad to be here and not upset at all about his dentention at the Mexican border even though he came by plane from another state.

      He's the best of the best. He'all be a productive member of society. I look into the face of someone like him and how grateful he is to be here and I think this is why I love this country. And you know what? He will love it more than any of us ever can.

      I love this country. I love it enough to say Donald have a go and do right by us. Make us proud. This is all I can ask. Now let's go do it I suppose.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but the best of the best dont need to cross illegally.

    • Anonymous

      I say this as an actual legal immigrant

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  • Anonymous
    Tell your russian broad coworker this:
    Zotkni cvoyu pact nyi kto vas nyi hochit sluchat

    And our kids will just have to learn not to believe whatever the media tells them. The first step to doing that is educating our adults not to believe the media. Dear OP, please don't believe the media. Trump isn't a racist. He just doesn't like illegal immigrants. There's a difference between not liking illegal immigrants and actually being racist.
    • sjoes006

      He married one. This has been fact checked.

      But please can I get some helpful words? What would you say to inspire natural born citizens to be for your guy if they are of color or female?

      I'm asking for serious replies. Adults may feel as they may but it is important that the youth believe and feel welcome in this country.

      I'm being genuine. You're too young to have kids but maybe you had something great to say to your sister?

    • Anonymous

      Well let me tell you this. Trump is not a racist. He may appear to be one but he is not. He's friends with a lot of black people all of whom said he isn't a racist and he treats them with utmost respect.
      I supported Trump (I'm a Russian immigrant just like your coworker). I do not feel threatened by him in any way. In fact, if he deports all the illegal Russians here I'll only go further to give him my blessing.

      I can't help you here because I really don't believe he's racist and I really do like him as a candidate.
      Good luck on your quest though.

    • Are you aware that you can be racist and still have black friends... shocking I know, but it's true. Just because Trump has black friends and allegedly respects them greatly, does not mean he isn't a racist... and since almost all illegal aliens are of another race, disliking them by definition automatically makes you racist.

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