America Has Spoken: The Whole World is Watching


America Has Spoken: The Whole World is Watching

Donald J Trump. The 45th President of these United States of America. The media declares it a shocking defeat against Hillary Clinton. Was it really? Trump stuck to a plan that worked to perfection in the Republican Primary, his campaign was built on his forward thinking, and his ability to speak his mind. And speak his mind he would. The New York Times said: A Repudiation of the Establishment. This win was a movement driven by discontent. The Reuters/Ipsos Election Day poll showed that 6 out of 10 people said that our country was on the wrong track. 75% of American's want a strong leader. But, there’s good, if ironic, news in this year’s dispiriting election. Stepping back, the meta-message is one of voter dissatisfaction, disenfranchisement and alienation.

Controversy has won! I believe Donald Trump will focus on building a cabinet to surround him. One that will be both brilliant and forward thinking. In 1906 Winston Churchill said, "Where there is great power there is great responsibility." I believe Donald Trump will take his power seriously, especially if his acceptance speech in the wee hours of this morning are any indication. Donald Trump is going to hold accountable the Establishment. I admit, for the early part of his campaign I was more of a skeptic than not. But when he I heard this, I started to listen more: " He has called for income-based student loan repayment, saying that graduates (or drop outs presumably) should not be asked to pay more on loans than they can afford."

Repayments should have a cap at 12.5 percent of the borrower income. That made sense. If the repayment process is suitable, more will pay back, less loans will be in default. When Mr. Trump spoke in Ohio in October and said this about higher education: He wanted to end tax-exempt status for colleges that do not use their large endowments to reduce the cost of tuition. " If colleges refuse to take this responsibility seriously, they will be held accountable." I am a proponent of change in the higher education system. So he got my attention, and kept it! I have written other My Take Articles reference Higher Education, and the rising costs that should NOT be occurring.

America Has Spoken: The Whole World is Watching

So we all have our thoughts and our beliefs. That is what makes our Nation Great! It is time to stop the divide and get on with it! Meanwhile President Elect Trump will have a Congress that is Red for the Majority. Let us watch and see, and hopefully learn that he will be serious about Making America Great Again!!!

America Has Spoken: The Whole World is Watching
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  • TadCurious
    Great job! A year-and-a-half ago, when he first announced his candidacy, no one (and I mean no one) took him seriously. But he knew something was out there that no one else did, and he had his finger on the pulse of it. Everyone said he could never win the nomination, let alone the presidency. Most of the polls leading right up to the election had him losing. They were wrong. He gave voice to millions of Americans who had been forgotten. And they came out to vote.
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  • Anonymous
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  • Nothanks700
    Problem is our country wasn't "going in the wrong track" not by a long shot. The deficit was practically demolished under Obama, a healthcare system with kinks mostly due to several state governors being assholes but by and large a well working healthcare plan was established, the markets were more stable pre election cycle, gas is cheap as hell, the list goes on. No people wanted racist, white man on top America back, and Trump represents that. But he will destroy everything we've built. His plan is disastrous and doubles the deficit at the very least with no real economic gain. The man has no idea what he's doing and he can't even answer simple questions about foreign or domestic policy. This isn't about ideology. It's about the fact that you litteraly elected an idiot to the highest office in the world. Not idiot in a "I don't agree with his views" kinds of way, but an actual fucking idiot. Romney, MCain, Bush- all intelligent people. trump is a moron, and you just put him in charge of our country
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    • It has already happened. I don't support trump nor will I ever.

    • @Nothanks700

      Exactly. The country was doing better than before and in the areas where it wasn't Trump's "solutions" are inferior and more expensive. His foreign policy would also be one of alienation of many friends and potential friends in favor of sucking up to a few assholes like Putin and Netanyahu.

    • gotc147

      You are not a very smart person.

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  • Lightspeed-Lemon
    Is it shocking that a rude, arrogant and abrasive reality show host with no political, military or diplomatic experience, who has cheated on his wives and groped women, running on a platform against minorities and immigrants, with little support from his own party, could beat a respected Washington insider with decades of experience to win the presidential election? Yes. Yes it is.

    Hillary = EPIC FAIL!
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    • I guess the point of the matter is that The PEOPLE are the ones tired of the Washington Insiders. Decades of experience? And all those decades and accomplishments were? Even though Trump has no political experience, he is a person that will surround himself with the People to Do Great Things. That is what makes exceptional Leaders!

    • Or the states are as racist and sexist as there stereotypes always stated

    • @miamigirl1970 Trump doesn't care about the people. He is going to raise taxes for the poor and lower them for the rich. He is racist and sexist because of his comments on mexicans and blacks. President Obama has made lots of major accomplishments in his two terms as president. I don't see Trump getting anything done. Also what "great things" is he going to do for our country?

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  • JohnDoe3000
    Thinking that whenever someone wins something they had a brilliant strategy is a fallacy. Donald Trump is like a drunken sailor randomly walking about until he hits his toe against a pot of gold, both in business and politics. I hope to god his cabinet and staff will consist of sane people, but most likely they will be "establishment" republicans, heritage foundation members, etc... So apart from Trump himself this administration won't even be a break from the establishment and old Washington.
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  • LNRkikka
    The whole world is watching... no you're annoying the crap outta the world and spamming the whole Internet with this sh*t but nobody's talking about you/watching you LOL

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    • You obviously are!

    • Um yes they are. Like every country. Why because no one thought the entire country was that stupid

    • @CrazynKinky Whoa take it down a notch. The whole country is stupid? So including you right because you live in the US. I mean I am not stupid I know that.

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  • DonRomeo
    I dont disagree. But with either of those two winning, we are still fucked fucked fucked.

    His cabinet appointments are more important to me than his (indeed progressive-sounding) higher education policies.

    Rumour has it that he may appoint as Attourney General the one and only Rudolph "9/11" Giuliani, and if that happens, everyone will have to find something else to do in the evening as the adjective "fucked" will need a stronger successor.
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  • Paris13
    One, in this Real World, @miamigirl1970, would Never see That... In Obama's World. The Brotherhood was Welcome, of course, because There were Some, hun, who sat at His "Round" Table, Part of his White House Staff, very few Know about.
    Beautifully Done, hun, a Taste of "The Good Life of no Strife" in this Country, Finally. Coming Together as Two Birds of a Feather who stick Together. xx
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    • Paris13

      Thanks for the Like, hun, Editor of the Year, dear. xx

  • Donniej
    "Where there is great power there is great responsibility."
    I'm pretty sure Spidermans uncle said not Winston Churchill I think
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  • FatherJack
    Certainly a better choice than Killary !! I think our PM Teresa May will be pleased too , as we have the rough equivalents of the Republicans in power , with a sizable Parliamentary majority. He will no doubt have some involvement in the UK leaving the EU... I voted " Leave " back in June.
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  • jman46241
    I wish I would have seen this earlier.. The shock is coming from those that paid attention to the mainstream media and many people from around the world that don't take the time to see what Trump really had to say. He ran a strategic campaign that focused on the rust belt. Not only was this smart, but also so painfully true to see all of the abandoned warehouses and factories in that region.
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  • RationalMale
    Trump won because politics has shifted from ideas to identity politics, about your race/sex.

    The Democrats didn't realize that by encouraging identity politics, they simply can't win without whites.
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    • @mostwomenshouldstfu put shortly, democrats allied with black lives matter, la raza, said whites are evil racists, thrn was shocked when whites did not vote for them.

    • Yup. Whites got guilt hangover.

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  • TheFlak38
    I had doubts about Trump myself until I saw D. Duke supporting him. As long as he has the support of Duke I will support him too. D. Duke is the most trustworthy American politician in my opinion...
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  • Dred1614returns
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  • MrShinyPants
    Actually Hilary got a majority of the votes and there were 4 states they didn't count, when they saw trump was being left behind in the polling they had the electorial collage overide citizens votes and put trump through, which is allowed as long as the electorial collage exists, which is a group designated by a larger group to be allowed to over ride votes if it does not tip in the favor of the senate and Congress and Rothchilds and Rockefeller etc..
  • DiegoO
    The US is in hands of a populist, they are experts in telling fairytails and a disaster in leading a country.
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    naysayers ought to put away their misgivings for a moment and give the man a chance
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  • John_Doesnt
    The world is watching, laughing and terrified. They knew we were this stupid and their predictions were right.
  • gobsmacked3
    I was shocked to see an ultra conservative society like America elect a black in obama but i could never fathom them being progressive enough to vote in a woman

    Trump was the master mercenary in knowing how to hit the noted trigger points in the American voting fraternity and being expertly opportunist in preying on the fear factor. All while smiling as he toted out the patriotic 'rara'

    In summary, he is the lesser of two evils, with him essentially a puppett on the strings of the faceless power broking masses using his public appeal to get in power and further their agendas-


    Hilary had a long history of having blood on her hands in some very sordid and insidious dealings
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      ultraconservative? america?

    • @gobsmacked3 Pretty much you are saying a woman shouldn't be president and that black people aren't good enough to be presidents. President Obama was a wonderful president who got more done than Trump ever will.

    • @JastyForLife You have a lot to learn. FYI, Obama was a disaster for this country and he screwed over the very people who voted him into office. Obama was the worst and most treasonous president in American history.

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    It will be in interesting to see how it pans out - I hope it works out constructively.
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  • john52461
    what a great win, so many SJW's on this site I'm sure they were crying so hard, they wanted to drag that old hag across the finish line
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    The rest of the world thinks we are fucking idiots.
    They are not wrong.
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