Donald Trump is Not President of the United States!


He's not president just yet and I'm not talking about his inauguration in January. I'm talking about something much greater.

Donald Trump is Not President of the United States!

He lost the popular vote but still managed to grasp the mere essence of a title called president. "Okay!" But look what has happened across the states: "People are publicly denouncing this man as their president!" We have to stop and ask, why is that? There's always been a dissent with the president elect, but something is different this time.

I move your attention to the years worth of demographic damage that Trump campaign created. He not only generalized and stereotyped certain characteristics to physical form of human life, but he also revived racial tensions in this country. Now there has been some talk about Trump swaying in a more liberal direction when he enters office but a serious apology, and an explanation, are owed to the people of the United States.

Donald Trump is Not President of the United States!

As long as Donald Trump does not right his wrongs, there is no "United States". Well there will be a United States, just not a unified one. At current state this nation is not united. The structure of this nation is beginning to shake, we were the most advanced nation state. Can we stay this way if he doesn't seek to unify this nation to a better state , or restore to its previous state?

Donald Trump is Not President of the United States!
Donald Trump is Not President of the United States!
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  • SarahsSummer
    Ok. Half the people that voted didn't get their way, a small percentage of those voters are super duper butt hurt and need to express their first amendment rights to protest. A smaller percentage of them just prefer anarchy. And others just want a free day out of school. At the end of the day, the American people wanted change. They got it. Now they are wondering what kind of change will come. time to calm down, be happy this IS America and give the new administration a chance to show what that change can be.
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    • 2Shy2speak

      THIS IS AMERICA! Where we don't get to police people's feelings about the election.

    • Thanks for the like but I dont know what that means.

    • jacquesvol

      Last numbers I saw, 1.6 mn popular votes more for Hillary than for Trump.

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  • Fathoms77
    ... maybe the reason Trump won is because there are a lot of people out there who don't see the U. S. as being any "advanced state," and hasn't been for a very long time. What's our educational rank now? I think we're behind Brazil, or something.
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    • and Trump will fix that? LOL

    • nalaa

      @busterhimen right? Didn't Trump want take money away from education?

    • 2Shy2speak

      When I'm thinking about advance state , I'm taking about an all and all nation which is stronger than any other nation. The united States is a hegemonic power. You can rank us on education, literacy rates, death rate, but we still come on top. You can look at how much debt we owe china, if they asked us to give it to them tomorrow... Lol.

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  • NexAngelus
    his campaign didn't cause shit, why dont we look at hillary or berny even obama for the damage... even now they are near non existant on hey stop we need to come together. people get pulled out of their cars for voting trump... ya that was caused by trump... birther movement... u know clinton started that right during her orginal battle with obama? U people are like a box of rocks... stupid as shit.
    • 2Shy2speak

      What damage has Obama caused? I'm confused. Also go back in read my article about how trump is swaying in a more liberal direction now. You haven't provided me with anything to support your claims

    • NexAngelus

      bernie... want to see what he does if he was in charge of healthcare like clinton wanted to put him in control of... look back to 2014. he was in control of the VA healthcare. its easy to find, cause its under SCANDAL. u want something current for obama besides obamacare thats raising prices 20-40%. look at the recent cop killings. besides a funeral he went to and hijacks it for two dead CRIMINALS that had nothing to do with the 5 dead dallas police, then yesterday or what ever he now says all cops are racist and they need to stop being so, so the country can heal and start to come together... lets not forget he also said travon martin was "his son". this ass hole has no business saying ANY of that. calling out people who protect our country to stand down to criminals. guess we need a way to ID cop supporters on 911 calls. so these other people dont get help. and where is this liberal direction? trying to get things done is liberal? he has had his agenda long before he was elected.

  • Paris13
    January20, 2017, is The Official Day He is Sworn in. I am Getting my Tickets Mailed to my Roomie and Me by our own Newly Elected Senator, so that We can Go into the Gates of the White House to Get a better look.
    However, for now, Newly Elected Trump is Busy Appointing his Staff and doing other things to Plan for this Huge Honor where he Stand. xx
    • 2Shy2speak

      OH THATS NICE! But, what does this have to do with my Post? Nothing! Thank you for stopping by to discuss politics without actually having said anything.

    • Paris13

      Sure it does, for HIM not YET President until JAN20 2017, Giving you my own View which means I am Joining in the Discussion.
      So welcome!! xx

  • meowcow
    Not a Trump fan, nor am I American, but as an observer, you seem to be cherry picking everything you say.

    First off, the popular vote is IRRELEVANT. Democrats, Republicans and all Americans know exactly how the president is elected via the Electoral College. If they had a problem with this process, the time to speak up is BEFORE the vote; not AFTER the vote; and not AFTER the vote when your favored candidate loses. One does not lose the game and complain that you would have won... had the rules been completely different. If you want a popular voting system, go to a country that currently applies it, like Canada, and you'll quickly see the huge faults with that system as well.

    Secondly, Donald Trump did not create what's happening in America today. It was always there. America has always been a shithole of racists, white supremacists, bigots and those who take advantage of others. From the American point of view, it's only "fair" if Americans come out on top. Take a look at American history and you will see a country that has stepped all over African Americans, South Americans, Chinese... etc, using minorities as slave labor. America was built on the dead bodies of minorities, and many minorities are not accepted in America - particularly in rural America. That is the American point of view, and if another country (say China) suddenly becomes a competitive military and economic superpower, the US claims it is "unfair", denying a decent lifestyle to other human beings simply because they belong to another country.

    I would say the US has become a mish-mash of a varied and diverse range of people. However, they were never united in the first place. Trump simply exposed the problem, while the media - controlled by those in California and New York, would rather pretend it doesn't exist. It doesn't take a genius to realize if you're black and gay, walking around in a place like Utah or Mississippi is going to be a death sentence, while you're relatively safe in California.

    I don't even live in the US and even I can see through the shroud of how the media wants the world to see the US. However, what US media wants people to see and what we actually see aren't always the same.
    • jacquesvol

      "First off, the popular vote is IRRELEVANT."

      Indeed, in the 17th century state interests and small town interests were more important than the people's interests.

  • Thisperson98
    The nation was already divided because of SJWs. You can say this why he won, because the divided the SJWs and liberals made.
    • SJWs? WTF is SJW

    • 2Shy2speak

      Social justice warrior's divided the nation? People who wanted equality for all? People who noticed that some people inherently benefited from the systematic oppression of others and tried to end that system divided the nation more? No. People who are resistant or feel threatened to actually have to work, or have their white privileged taken from them have divided this country. Meanwhile conservatives, push religious ideas on non religious people, re distribute wealth so that the poorer get poorer and the rich get richer. You need to read more.

    • I need to read more? What system of oppression are you talking about? There is no oppression of people by race, sex, or even sexual orientation.
      Also liberals push their atheist beliefs on conservatives.

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  • AdamThomas
    It's mostly idiots who don't really understand what he's actually saying or what he's really about who believe the scaremongering from the lying mainstream media who were all in the pockets of Hillary who are protesting. He is going to be president despite all of that "not my president" bollocks.
  • nalaa
    He's not the first president who won the election despite losing popular vote. It happened before and will happen again, as long as you have an electoral in between.
    Get over it

    Secondly, if you look at a map of popular vote you'll that the costs primarily voted democratic. And not by a small margin. DC voted 90% for clinton.. ny, maryland, hawaii, or vermont all around 60% with 30% going to trump. Your nation is divided, geographically. Maybe at this point the US is one of those countries that is too big and too diverse to work. Maybe that this point splitting up is an option. It's normal, happens all the time, countries split up.

    Thirdly, I don't think Trump campaign created a racial divide, it only played something that was already there. And aren't you glad that it's all out in the open now?
    • nalaa


    • 2Shy2speak

      Everyone keeps telling me to "get over it"! I don't have to and there's nothing you can do about that. Secondly, how many presidents have won through the electoral college. Ask yourself who is in the electoral college, How many women, men, and minorities? By the way, there's been only 5 time a candidate one the election by electoral college votes. 2 times in this century, that is not common. How many presidents do we have? Often times we take a narrow-minded approach at viewing the turn out of things because it doesn't affect us but we need to be more conscious and educated when we talk about politics. People can't get over it, if it's going to impact them. That's very insensitive and somewhat ignorant. "Glad it is out in the open?" As I minority did I not know when someone was being racist towards me? LOL. AT my level of knowledge I always do. Having international friends, I'm glad they can finally see America for what is really is, corrupt.

    • nalaa

      I wasn't defending the ec, I think it's a stupid idea, but it IS the law of your country. You've had ample opportunity to change it and didn't, so now here we are.
      The last president to lose popular vote George W. Bush, not too long ago. I also didn't say it was common, I said it happened before and will happen again. Stop reading stuff into what I said that isn't there.

      like it or not, half the country voted for Trump. Take Hilary Clinton as example and lose gracefully. Remember when people thought it was outrageous that Trump might not accept the result of this election? Well don't be like Trump

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  • jacquesvol
    He certainly is the President of the Mid west and some Southern States. No doubt. California?

    • And Belgium has the same vote in the United Nations as China. Heck, even Liechtenstein has the same vote as China even though China as 37 thousand times as many people.

    • jacquesvol

      @NearlyNapping Guess why? The United Nations have no real power.

    • That's irrelevant to the point. It still has plenty of power and influence anyway, if not much enforcement. The point is that there are plenty of organizations that are not representative by population, but by state, or some other division or grouping.

      By the way, did you vote for the King of Belgium? Did you vote for the PM?

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  • TripleAce
    Denouncing is a strong word. Half voted for trump and more than half of Hillary voters just don't care. That leaves what? A quarter at best if your lucky

    • If "not voting" or "can't vote" were a candidate, that candidate would have won by an indisputable landslide.

  • John_Doesnt
    I totally agree with that. We never heard about KKK or white supremacists during George W. Bush's campaign or during the other Republican nominees in the past decade.
    It feels like Trump has magically set society back 20 years.
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    If you were rooting for Clinton you have NO right to complain with those bogus Super Delegates.
    • 2Shy2speak

      My vote went to Hillary be default of a president backed by the KKK possible entering office. Last year we were told not to worry about this man but he made it. I thought long and hard about selecting an independent but I did not because I knew it was too risky.

    • So you voted for a war criminal who rigged the democratic nomination, publicly edged us towards WWIII with Russia with her no fly zone idea, has ties to ISIS through Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and is even now being revealed to have ties to an underground pedophile ring? Yeah... risky indeed. *sarcasm*

    • 2Shy2speak

      I can't do conspiracy theory... I need solid evidence. Point me to an article or direction. I voted for someone with political experience. Not for someone who has a pending sexual assault case. Had Hillary one, I would've held her to high level expectations as well. I'm simply asking for trump to put an end to the tensions.

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  • Usersame
    So liberals who found it "outrageous" Trump was hinting there's a chance he won't accept the results, are not doing the same?
    Boo f*cking hoo. Grow up.
  • jakeofalltrades
    racial tensions have been growing since Obama became president
    • 2Shy2speak

      Cause AMERICA IS FUCKING RACIST! Trump enabled some behavior this election.

    • I know right? Over 95% of black people voted for Obama in 2008, don't tell me it was all because of his policies. Ffs, if America was racist, Obama could never have been elected.

    • Obama has been fueling the fires of that since he got here. Though, much of the black community, deceived by snake oil salesmen like Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have failed to understand that Obama uses "racism" according to Trotsky's rather than Webster's dictionary, and that he really doesn't care about them.

      Where is the real racism? Everyone who insists that a thug shot dead by a cop *must* be innocent, forensic evidence be damned. Everyone black who ever went out of their way to engage in knockout games, or to target a WWII veteran to beat to death (the ultimate ingratitude!) Or those who want all evidence of Confederate history erased, because they believe white southerners have no right to remember their own history and learn from it.

      And that's not even getting into all the Muslim imams and clerics spewing Arab supremacist filth from their pulpits and stoning Christians in the streets of Dearborn, while waving the ISIS flag.

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  • fsu19
    You people are making me want to do a mytake on this generation that I'm embarrassed to be a part of
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Final tally, he won the popular vote by 50,000 votes.
    • @jacquesvol : Two days after the election, it was a solid win. However, the Mickey Mouse vote shenanigans are continuing in Michigan now. The Al Franken pickup trucks full of sudden late votes that *must* still be counted have arrived. Because of that, Michigan has magically come up with enough numbers for Hillary that Fox removed it from the list of states Trump won.

      And I know this involves some voting twice. My own grandpa caught one of his neighbors voting twice.

      Let's not get into felons and illegals voting in California - which negates the validity of any vote from that state and should have rendered California moot in the Electoral College as well.

    • jacquesvol

      Right now:
      Clinton: 63,620,704
      Trump: 61,900,651

      No wonder many people feel cheated on.

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  • StickStickity13
    He is president, stop crying
    • 2Shy2speak

      You'll be crying in a couple of months too. Remember this post save it.

    • I doubt that. I will probably enjoy some more of SJW's tears.

  • Rissyanne
    He won... GET OVER IT.
    • Gos, women are hipocrites

    • Jump in your Volvo and go back to the suburbs

    • lucius46ad

      menopause was rough wasn't it

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  • Asiantrash
    I always thought Madonna is real president
  • Adigelunar
    good take
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - I really enjoyed it
  • Anonymous
    strange how many women voted for him. And women say they don't like jerks. Gimme a break
    • Hillary is a pedophile. So say the receipts to that island discovered by the NYPD. Given the choice between a jerk and a pedo, what option do thinking women have?

    • 2Shy2speak

      In my hmo I think a lot of those women aren't ready for equality. The option however should be left up to the individual not the mass of people. Their anti-feminism approach is really because they're confused, or haven't been given the educational tool to understand what equality would mean.

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  • Anonymous
    "THIS IS AMERICA! Where we don't get to police people's feelings about the election."
    Except that's what your side regularly does and also does so with language and thought. I feel no empathy for you and your ilk.
    You guys keep talking about revolutions and such. Just get on with it so that the rest of us can squash you already.
    • 2Shy2speak

      Again. I don't have to get on with anything. I'm sorry you have a hard time with that. It's kind of oppressive in my opinion. Bummer that you're so offended by my unhappiness with your president elect.

    • Anonymous

      Our President-Elect :)
      I'm not offended. It's just it's time to piss or get of the pot as the saying goes. It's very unproductive. Plus you have all the lying going on about what's happening in "Trump country." It's just so embarrassing for them.
      I think we should just get this over with, so that we can move forward.

  • Anonymous