Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

Former President, Fidel Castro has passed at the age of 90 years old.

Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

Raul Castro has announced that the leader of communist revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening. Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba when it was a one-party state.

Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

As a one party state, Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba close to about 50 years. Although his followers say that he had returned Cuba back to its people, some people accused him of concealing disapproval.

Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

Fidel Castro will be cremated on Saturday, and Cuba will have several days of mourning.

Fidel Castro Timeline of major events:

1926: Born: South-eastern Oriente Province of Cuba

1953: Imprisoned after failed rising against Batista's regime

1955: Leaves prison under amnesty deal

1956: Begins a guerrilla war against the government with Chev

1959: Batista is defeated, Fidel sworn in as prime minister of Cuba

1961: Fights away CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion by Cuban exiles

1962: Ignites Cuban missile crisis by agreeing that the USSR can deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba

1976: is elected president by Cuba's National Assembly

Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

1992: There is an agreement with US for the Cuban refugees

2008: No longer continues to be president due to health issues


Fidel Castro Has Passed Away
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  • Telekinetic-Potato
    Haha, what? You do realize this guy's the closest thing we have to Hitler next to Isis right? He corrupted the country. Ask anyone who had to escape from Cuba. Yes escape. The story is always the same, the police turned into a militia that was being run by all the people who where basically the bullies when they were kids. It's a dictatorship over there. Castro was a dictator who rose to power by making people who were against him disappear.

    To say that he was elected is offensive to democracy. It would be like if I lead an attack against the US government, won, and then I killed and threatened a bunch of people until I became president. And then killed and threatened even more people if they didn't do exactly as I said. Using the militia that I used to overthrow the government in the first place to enforce my power.

    I mean how fucking dumb can you be. This is like when everyone was saying what a great leader Hitler was and people were saying it just for attention and I remember it was getting uncomfortably close to flat out praise.

    God, how people can be so fucking stupid, I'll never fully understand.
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    • Learn to read dumb ass. So far nothing you have said is irrelevant. Your mom should have swallowed you

    • Everything you have said is irrelevant

    • Sorry, I was actually directing that at the commentators. But I'd like to ask what kind of person gets so angry over this comment. I mean, nothing I said wasn't true, even if it was directed towards you, your reaction was so much bigger than what was said. Like geez lol

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Most Helpful Girl

  • juliaanita
    One commentator said, "When he did good things they were really good. But when he was bad, he was really bad".

    I agree. Sometime listen to the speech he made to the UN in (I think) 1993 when he so eloquently spoke for the rights of the poor in the face of great world wealth.

    yet he was also a brutal authoritarian ruler who thought nothing of throwing friends into prison if they disagreed with him.

    His legacy will for that reason will always be a tainted.
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  • kinggeorge007
    Such an amazing leader. Being surrounded by USA by all means, he developed his country to a disease free, healthy, happier and educated nation. Definitely a kind of leader who should have in every country.
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    • JetBoy797

      Disease free? Healthier? Happier?

      Please give a source to support these outrageous assertions. If he was such a great leader, and not the despotic dictator he was made out out be, why were millions of Cubans willing to risk their lives to escape him and come to America?

    • @JetBoy797 That's simply their choice. And about sources, there are many. Even I can't remember of. If you can just Google it, you'll find.

    • I think that the people who downvoted you do not understand sarcasm

  • TadCurious
    Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator and mass murderer of his own people. He turned Cuba into a Stalinist dictatorship. All the Leftists and media celebrities around the world who have praised him never had to live under his brutal regime. Had they done so they wouldn't be so naive as to paint this thug as a hero.
  • mikemx55
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  • Taytahthai
    He will be remembered as one of the greatest of his time. As he said, as a young man, 'history will absolve me.'
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  • cth96190
    The truth about Castro, a mass-murdering despot.
  • PancakeFury
    "Former President, Fidel Castro has passed at the age of 90 years old."
    I'm guessing you meant leader, not president, since Castro was a dictator.
  • ShayanMortazavi1998
    Good, he was a monster. His death is a victory for freedom and liberty. Cubans were partying in the streets in Miami after Castro died, I was there, it was really fun.
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  • NexAngelus
    cool story bro? everyone hates trump so i guess we are going to have a wall of love here?
  • John_Doesnt
    This means the CIA failed completely. Couldn't kill him even at the age of 90.
    • NexAngelus

      if he was that important to kill, he would of been killed. u do at least realize this right?

    • @NexAngelus you do realize it took the US over a decade to kill Osama? We fail all the time.

    • NexAngelus

      u realize no it didn't. the "war" was over in 2008. everything was in place before obama even took office. it was simply a matter of lining up the ducks in a row. it was a timing matter. another person who clearly has no understanding of what thye talk about. are u going to tell me next that we didn't start tracking him till obama took office? and how is tracking someone FAILING? failing is attacking someone and they defend against u... some times i feel more stupid for talkng to people.

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  • supernerd99
    good riddance to the dictator. its sad to see the brainwashed masses parade for the architect of their misery... .
  • jacquesvol
    Finally death, after so many CIA attempts to kill him.
    • AriadneSky

      ... is that like " A plague on all your houses" ?

  • front2back
    And the world suddenly became a better place.
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    • do you think the Cuban refugees will leave America though?

    • front2back

      No. They hate that fucker. I've talked to several of them before and they're much happier here than they were there.

    • but he's dead now, are you saying they hate cuba?

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  • bruce3
    rest in peace
  • Adigelunar
  • MissSakura
  • Marinepilot
    Ding don the witch is dead.