Chris Brown Beats A Woman Up Yet Again


After Rihanna I couldn't believe people were still loving this nutbag...but even after what has come to light in the past few's mind-numing that (mostly - because he's famous anywhere else just for beating up Rihanna) Americans can and do still support this - probably mentally unstable - person.

Chris Brown Beats A Woman Up Yet Again

Karrueche's restraining order on Chris Brown has been the talk of the town. He has threatened her with killing her, and not only to her, but he vowed this to other people in his circle of she got a restraining order on him - including restraining him approaching her mom or her brother. He has beaten her up on many occasions...yet she stayed with him... Stockholm syndrome anyone? Yeah.

Punching your girlfriend in the stomach...pushing her down the stairs, yeah, that's a real man!

Chris Brown Beats A Woman Up Yet Again

Look how tiny she is!

Why are we still supporting this crazy, aggressive person? Do you honestly feel that his 'talent' surpasses his bad traits which hurt everyone around him [physically, but also mentally - even the ones he didn't beat up]?!

Chris Brown Beats A Woman Up Yet Again

After the breakup he followed her around, stalked her, tried to get in the car with her many times... He doesn't have a conscience, a filter not an IQ higher than 90...

Wake up, people! We don't want this kind of a person being an idol or a role model to our children!

P.S. I'd get that poor baby away from him too...

P.P.S. My apologies for the ones in love with this monster...the truth must hurt.

Chris Brown Beats A Woman Up Yet Again
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  • Darkfairie17
    I have no idea why people still like this guy. Clearly he has issues, and the worst part is that he won't even admit to them and try to get help. Well at one time he said he was sorry and was going to get help. But clearly he hasn't done enough work because this crap keeps happening. Instead of working on himself, he just throws temper tantrums when people bring up his terrible behaviour.

    This guy is an adult, not a child. He needs to grow up and stop the pissy party. He has a child, he is a father! He owes it to his kid to do better.

    I honestly couldn't tell you the last song I even heard of him singing. I'm also surprised if he has done anything recently, that people still agree to work with him. Sometimes talent isn't everything. If a person is just a terrible person, no amount of talent can redeem them.

    Yes people make mistakes. But own up, and redeem yourself. Don't keep being a woman-beater and then complain when people call you out on it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • BubbleBoy69
    I think we should focus on why is it women still gravitate towards men even after they have been known to be violent to their past lovers.

    Example - Olympian athlete who kills his girlfriend in their home

    Gets a new girlfriend within a month of the killing.
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    • The sad truth is that rich celebrities/athletes in general, get away with a lot of despicable things because they have money and power. The Olympian athlete you brought up is one good example. I just wish many of the women who dated such men weren't so very naïve to make stupid decisions.

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  • RegularTK421
    No offense, but this dumb bitch knew he was a woman beater. It's the same as having a known child molester babysit your children.
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    • Hey, neither of them are smart people... but only one is an aggressive beater.

    • @LittleSally And the other one is stupid enough to be his lover. Not much sympathy on my end. She'll get her restraining order, and life will go on for the rest of us.

    • *I just said they're both stupid... o. O
      No need to repeat...

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  • Shawn58
    um i really dont see why people are acting like chris brown is the first celebrity to beat a woman there's been countless celebs and nobodys saying anything but chris gets all the hate
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    • I've heard about Christian Bale... but no one else I know of... Hate him too.
      And Chris is a special kind of stupid - because he makes videos on how he's going to beat women up... and make them miserable.. so... I guess that's part of it.

    • Shawn58

      when did he make videos about how he's going to beat them up

    • Saying he's going to make someone miserable and punching his fist/head around is that video... Kind of doesn't need further explanation knowing his past... Are you really defending him?

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  • JoyGirl
    I didn't know he threated Karrueche. I don't follow celebrity news...
    Next time you write a take about someone, make sure you have proof. Show me were you got all this information.
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    • Doing some research of your own would do you some good, honey. =)
      If you're really interested...

    • JoyGirl

      If you not able to prove it yourself, then there is no need to believe you.
      FYI... I have been following news about him lately, and I haven't heard that. :)

    • JoyGirl


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  • Aztecwarrior480
    Not to sound like an insensitive asshole but that woman currently dating Chris Brown is dumb for even dating someone like him in the first place. She should have done her research on Chris Brown's negative past (with Rihanna) before being in a relationship with him.

    Karrueche (or whatever her name is) is pretty much signing her own death warrant if she truly is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and still decides to stay with him even after Chris gave her death threats. If she still wants to stay with Brown after that, then that's her own problem she needs to work on before it's too late.

    The funny thing is, I remember back in my middle school days when a lot of girls (believe it or not) DEFENDED what Chris Brown did to Rihanna without giving a valid reason why they side with Chris (Most likely only because they found him attractive and couldn't resist).

    As for Chris Brown's talent, I honestly never saw anything in Chris Brown nor ever cared for him as both a musician and a person.
  • FallOutBoy2001
    I kinda want someone to beat the shit out of him. Just see how he likes it.

    If you're going to beat your SO, you are the worst type of person. You're supposed to love them, and love isn't fear, intimidating, and violence.
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  • MargaritaPeach
    It's sad. Unfortunately, many abused women have zero self esteem and they don't feel that they are worthy of a healthy relationship. If she knew her worth, she would never have been with him in the first place. People like her die every day because they allow the abuse to continue. Zero tolerance!
  • Yalyublyutyebya
    Typical. Most celebrities have issues like this, I actually feel sorry for the guy. he did not stand a chance. He probably did not have someone there to teach him right as a kid how to deal with temper issues. there is also the possibility that this was pre-planned, you know for publicity. Like Sia's hair, like how Kim Kardashian West had a burglary. (i don't know for sure about that last one, just a suspicion.) All the S&M girls probably find him attractive too...
  • Nojudge
    I do not know that singer well... Maybe he was born into poverty, dysfunctional family... No father, rough neighborhood with toxic and bad influence kids.
    Maybe he have witnessed lot of fights in his household. Rap music industry have bad reputation... So sad! Girls would date a bad boy because of money and attention and get socked later.
    • Nope... he was famous from a young age...

    • OrionH

      Chris Brown started singing at age 16 if I could remember right.

  • Waffles731
    Didn't he go to prison for a while?
    and I'mma just leave this here
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  • madhatters4
    don't know. why do we support R. Kelly.

    the simple fact is if you are famous and produce something people like some people will overlook your terrible personal life (actions and decisions)
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  • mike5150
    Why doesn't radio stations and other media music outlets pull his music?
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    • Good question. Maybe whenever he beats someone up his stock goes up? So they make more money... Who knows for sure...

    • mike5150

      I guess. I remember someone saying in the past that controversy creates cash, so it is possible.

    • Because sadly his music still makes them a lot of money. Too many teenagers and young adults still seem to like his music (As much as I don't like their taste in music, we can't force them to not like Chris Brown's music if that's the type of music they personally like).

  • Vesuvius87
    No surprise. It would be cool if we can remove this loser from society once and for all and throw away the keys.
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    • OrionH

      No it would not be cool if you do that because every one would be removed :)

    • Vesuvius87

      Off course this is common response from someone that supports a violent, abusive animal that can't get his way without using his fists.

    • OrionH

      First thing you said lock him up and throw the key away "remove the loser" then every one would be lock up and I dont support his violent PAST. and second thing this mytake does not have everything included. Third thing why are yours till bashing Chris brown about Rihanna he did his time why aren't you bashing ray rice? who drag his wife or girl friend out the elevator on camera smh. GET THE WHOLE DAMN STORY!

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  • cinderelli
    I am not sure but I think he has a baby daughter.. he should not be allowed to meet her.. this guy is clearly insane.. and should be in jail instead of dancing and singing in public.. but the girl who got in a relationship with him after the Rihanna incident.. was stupid too..
  • natured
    And Rihanna is like : "Told Ya"

    I agree with everything you say <3
  • vishna
    Yea, I thought he was cool when he first came out, but he's a psycho assaulter at this point. And I don't see the appeal.
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  • ButtHurt
    He's such a fucking scumbag. I went on a date with a guy who loved him and that was a huge red flag to me. He's a piece of shit with bullshit music. Lock him up and let him get fucked up the ass multiple times.
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    • OrionH

      How is a huge red flag maybe he just liked his music... smh

    • ButtHurt

      @OrionH nah he liked them. And when I brought up what a douche he is he's like 'who cares it happened a while ago' and anyway I like guys that have taste in music.

  • Stone_Fizzlebeef
    I don't support him, but the new girl went into a relationship with him even when, in your own words, he was infamous for beating the shit out of a previous girlfriend. And she stayed with him after the first time he laid hands on her. Seems like she might be a little crazy herself.
  • moamine11
    As a person who's taught himself to treat women with respect, I disregard this douche. Not only because he's disrepectful towards women, he also appears to have a bad attitude either. Randomly fighting people and making himself angry out of nowhere seem to be his favourite hobbies.
  • catelyntje
    Don't get me wrong I don't like Chris brown and I don't justify what he did but so many other celebrities beat the shit out of woman and it's never that big as a news like with Chris brown. I wonder why
    • Explained why to a dude in the comments below: "... Chris is a special kind of stupid - because he makes videos on how he's going to beat women up... and make them miserable.. so... I guess that's part of it. "

    • catelyntje

      Oh okay. Why so many dots?

    • That's a writing tick I have... There it is again!

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  • alice55
    Shouldn't he should go to jail? But honestly who's more dumb? Him or the girl who know he was abusive and still dated him.
    The girl have some issues too.
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