Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick Has Apologised After Swearing at His Driver/ Employee

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick has apologised after swearing at his driver/ employee

Does this face look sorry? Should he be sorry? It's well known Uber is committed and has been from its start to driverless vehicles. However in the meantime it's built its empire on the backs of its drivers.

Though Uber looks at them as indep contractors many US courts have ruled to the contrary being it that their workload and who they pick up is so tightly controlled by Uber policy.

Video has has been released of this Uber Boss going off on a driver for voicing his opinion on fare cut after fare cut making it impossible to break even. The driver mentions $2.75 a mile for Uber Black in San Fran which is an insanely low rate. It means you'll be picked up by a new E class Mercedes for less than a cab.

Travis ultimately cusses out the driver and says some people can't take accountability for their own mistakes to the driver. This part I suppose is sadly true. The driver's only mistake was partnering with Uber who could change the deal at anytime.

These drivers did not understand nor could they predict that Uber would start high then go extremely low even on the luxury product. Hindsight is 20/20.

What the Uber CEO essentially is saying is it's not my fault you fell for it. He's right, it's not. Sometimes when it sounds too good to be true it's because it is. But that doesn't leave the boss free from guilt.

They continue to offer subprime car deals and monthly leases that leave already desperate people more in the hole then they were before.

BUYER (in this case driver) BEWARE.

As a consumer against these practices what can you do when you rely on rideshare as we all do?

Lyft is much more driver friendly and has a better culture. They do have to compete but they take less of the pie and allow drivers more autonomy. They respect their drivers as partners.

Depending on your city other options are popping up that are at least as good or better. My city has over 12 other rideshare services and I don't miss Uber a bit.

dont think tipping your Uber driver fixes it because it only feeds the machine. Travis tried to stump out the Airport protests on illegally detained visa holders. Uber was a great idea but the man behind it has to be stopped.

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick Has Apologised After Swearing at His Driver/ Employee
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