Julianne Hough Equates Super Skinny with "Super Hot"


Isn't it weird that so many young women are obsessed with their weight...

Nah, not really.

Especially having these 'idols' and 'models' of what a woman should look like put themselves down and promote the anorexic look.

Julianne Hough Equates Super Skinny with

In a recent interview about her wedding day Julianne Hough mentioned she doesn't want to lose weight - she wants to look the same as she does now - because she wouldn't recognize herself in the photos... She says:

"If I get super hot for my wedding day and I’m not afterwards, and I’m not before, then it’s like, ‘Who is this person marrying my fiance?’ Or, ‘Who’s my fiance marrying?’ I don’t want to look different than what I look like normally."

Julianne Hough Equates Super Skinny with "Super Hot"

She is already skinny. It's very disturbing that such a woman would think that being even skinnier would make her even hotter... And, though, I honestly think she knows she looks amazing and she's just saying this to try to relate to girls who have body image issues > it's very brainless to try to do it like this - as if to actually say: "Even if you have a body like mine...it's still not good enough, but I can embrace my physical imperfections."

What imperfections?

This was supposed to be a 'love your own body' campaign..but it turned into the 'I'm hot, but let's pretend I'm not so I can get some attention and unsolicited compliments'.

It would be a different world if celebrities actually thought before speaking... Since communications and public relations are part of their literal job...

I guess not everyone is good at what they do.

Julianne Hough Equates Super Skinny with "Super Hot"
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  • capturemyheartnow
    Super hot means super healthy and super beautiful. A perfectly hot women does not need to look skinny. In fact the opposite is true. In 1912-1913 Brooklyn - born Cornell Student Elise Scheel , 24 years , was hailed as the most nearly perfect physical specimen of womanhood. She was selected as such by the university medical examiner Dr Esther Parker. She was a light haired , blue eyed girl with perfect health. At 5'7 tall and at 171 pounds , with a pear shaped body , and a chest -waist-hip ratio of 35-30-40 , she shared the similar proportions of Venus De Milo. Her BMI was thought to be 26.8. Venus De Milo actually has a body of 33-24-36 and is 5'4" tall. But today's modern women try to base their beauty standards based on the proportions of Victoria's Secret Models , which is not the right thing to do. In modern times , according to the scientists from the University of Texas the ideal body is the one similar to the Model Kelly Brooke from England who has measurements of 99-63-91. Scientists say she looks plump and looks ideal in terms of fertility and attractiveness because men are attracted to facial and body characteristics like hers and connect with good health and youth.
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  • Darkfairie17
    I agree with you. The statement was not well thought out. She already looks amazing, most people don't look like her. So then they are going to see her and think "wow, even Julianne Hough doesn't think she's super hot, and she looks like that!". And then think that they need to lose weight.

    She definitely should have said it differently. I think it's definitely great that she doesn't want to have to feel pressure to lose weight for the wedding. So many people put pressure on women to lose weight and change their bodies for the wedding.

    Think about it, when a person is engaged, their fiancee already wants to marry them. Changing their body shouldn't be part of the agreement. Getting into a relationship with someone who is fixated on changing their partner isn't healthy.

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  • vishna
    Maybe she's been thinner? I think she's very thin, but has muscle. Maybe she means to a time when she was more thin with less muscle (in which she would definitely look skinnier b/c muscle can be bulky looking) But if I was her, I wouldn't be complaining, haha.
  • likitb4istickit
    I'd prefer anorexic over tub-of-lard if I had to pick an extreme. She does look hot in that bottom pick, but it has me wondering what she looks like lying on a bed naked. If her ribs and hip bones look like they are going to pop through her skin any second then she needs a few more pounds in those areas. BMI's under around 22 have diminishing returns as far as hotness. Under 18 and it actually looks worse.
  • Lightspeed-Lemon
    In that quote, she never mentioned weight loss. We're assuming that's what she meant but it could also mean getting toned through exercise, or heavy use of makeup, hair extensions, Spanx, etc. Even the best-looking celebrities feel pressure to become "super hot" at events like the Oscars, where they look quite different from their everyday life. Maybe she's just saying she doesn't want to go to those extremes for her wedding.
    • Haha She's as toned as she can be... Super skinny means just that. Nothing else.
      I respect the fact she loves herself the way she is. But to call super skinny extremely hot... that's nuts.

    • I've seen people more toned than her. Is it so hard to believe she could be insecure and see room for improvement in herself? Look how insecure Trump is about his fortune and he's a billionaire! Even the richest and most beautiful people look to others and think, "I wish I had that." It's human nature, sadly.

  • peachblossomluck
    I don't see an ounce of fat there... If she lost more weight perhaps she'd be hospitalized? I'm not trying to sound bitchy. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be that thin. I certainly would not want to be any thinner though!
    • cavmanier

      We don't know if she made the comment when that picture was taken. Her weight could have fluctuated, making the reference out of context.

    • @cavmanier Good point and hopefully that's what she meant because she is awfully thin there.

  • Analinda1999
    she's lean not skinny. its her body. if another person wants to lose weight, they will want to whether someone talks about it or not. she doesn't sound confident but thats not a crime.
    • in my opinion since many people prefer being skinny, itd be better to teach good nutrition at lower weights instead of acting like being thinner is automatically unhealthy. it is not. heating too little being malnourished is unhealthy, but being thin is not unhealthy as long as you have proper nutrition. people are much thinner in other countries and they go about their day working physically not falling apart. in the united states the idea thin is demonized. there is a lot of hysteria over it. if you travel around, you see many different sizes many very thin and very healthy. being thin is not 'starving' and starving is not being thin. a 200 pound person can starve by not eating adequately. a 95 pound person can be an athlete with good nutrition and hard work. runner typically are quite skinny, clearly not weak. dancers are often very lean as well as gymnasts. much stronger than the average meaty person.

      im not saying people should be skinny, im saying be healthy and if your personal

    • healthy, then be it.

      health should be promoted over specific weights. as far as encouraging positive body image. if people have purpose in their life and feel accomplished, this provides confidence. no amnount of youyr bdy is beautiful is going to hcange anything bc as long as you rely on this message to feel good you lack confidence.

      and what if your body is not beauty, are you supposed to curl up and die? all this your body is perfect is harmful bc many people have diseases or disfiguration not just plumpness or skinniness. and promoting people aesthetically is all part of aesthetic obsession. doesn't matter if you say pretty or ugly. its all part of the same obsession. its all body obsession. time would be better spent on important endeavors, in my opinion.

  • ProjectBaby1K
    What exactly are you triggered about feminist? Super hot = Healthy and Attractive

    I'm sure she wants to get in better shape (therefore healthier), that means she wants to get more fit, that doesn't exactly mean she wants to get skinnier.

    Are you angry because she didn't fit feminist agenda by lying to you and saying that unhealthiness and obesity is attractive?
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  • lord_chilled
    I was hoping we were over this trend. I tought all girls wanted fat asses now. That was making me happy (well, some overdid it , going for fake booty)
    . I dont understand, why having less of your feminine traits is more attractive
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  • archiz
    there s no such thing as perfect and everyone has his insecurities lol
    even if you re hot you always find things to critic on especially if you re a celeb and under the radar
    • archiz

      ow and she s not super skinny
      she s lean and fit. super skinny is a negative term

    • cavmanier

      I've noticed people your age tend to think skinny in general is a negative term, and they often think it means 20 pounds underweight. I've never though of the word in a negative way. I think of skinny as loosely being around the low to mid area of the bmi table so there's just a different opinion about the definition. I've even noticed some people your age think thin is good but skinny is negative (to me they are totally synonyms). I bet this is just a product of recent pop cultures reference.

    • archiz

      @cavmanier yea but in the context, the way it is used in the take and based in the replies, it has a negative connotation.

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  • JDavid25
    There's different body types for a reason.. Me myself, I don't necessarily find the skinny, half-way athletic body to be that attractive.. I love some meat on the bones.. With a nice booty..
  • GraveTruth
    all I know is I seen that Julianne Hough in a movie years ago and I can't get over her.

    She's a thing of beauty.
  • BoobMan
    I think all she's saying is that really big, temporary changes to what a person's body looks like aren't really that desirable. So I suspect she's on your side here.
  • cavmanier
    She clearly has a petite frame and she's attracted guys that tend to prefer her body type of course. I bet this has reinforced her opinion that being thin or skinny is more attractive. Of course there are some guys that prefer other body types.

    She might have been looking for attention, but it's possible she has gained a little weight that she didn't have in the photo you linked, and would rather be at her old size in that pic, but she doesn't want to just lose weight to impress the audience at her wedding and then gain the weight back. I understand what she meant.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    Its always scary when hot women are insecure in my opinion.
  • vonasaurus
    first of all, she's overrated af and is probably just talking for the sake of hearing her own voice.

    second, she definitely needs a pr person to do some damage control. can you imagine what will happen if a little girl who dances and idolizes this woman hears this?

    "oh, she's already gorgeous. if she's not good enough, then what about me? i need to lose weight to make people love me..."

    sigh. so sad. and this is why we have 6 year-olds dieting and 8 year-olds with eating disorders... (pseudo-) celebrities who aren't good with their words should have any public statements written for them by someone who is.
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  • Dred1614returns
    My first thought when I saw this was: who?
    I don't see why she feels like she needs to get skinnier, she looks great already.
    However, she can do what she wants.
  • Prof_Don
    She looks good the way she is, if she loses weight she'll look sickly. :-/
  • zagor
    Politicians don't think before speaking so we can hardly expect more from show biz celebs.

    But yeah, she is already pretty slender...
  • Bananaman177
    You've heard of heroin chic?

    This is Auschwitz chic.

    Verhungern Macht Frei!
  • realperson02
    her thinking is correct. super skinny might be super weird.
  • dolemite68
    She's not hot to me way too skinny
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