What The U. S. A. Is Going To Be Missing Out On


The facts of what the exit from the Paris agreement ultimately means for America.

- being at the forefront of renewable energy harnessing and distribution (thriving economy)

- jobs in renewable energy (which aren't going to become obsolete)

- technology development

- pharmaceutical advances (or even being a part of those advances)

The jobs in the U.S. concerning renewable energy are growing 12 times faster than the fossil fuel industry - they're going to employ more people in that one industry than the entire fossil fuel industry combined!

- but Trump doesn't want that for America

He basically cut off all American companies from selling any of their products anywhere besides the U.S. ...

Instead of making a tone of money (which seems like it's his priority) on this opportunity - he chose the interest of a few fossil fuel companies.


George W. Bush decided to cut funding on stem-cell research. As a result of that South Korea emerged as the leader in that research and now they're one of the medical leaders of the world... What an opportunity missed!

What The U. S. A. Is Going To Be Missing Out On
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