A woman in a communal pool swimsuit shamed into leaving



Because she would 'Excite teenage boys'.

A woman in a communal pool swimsuit shamed into leaving

Mothers and fathers complained - even though it's a community pool for which she and her fiance also pay - the upkeep every month... The main complaint was that it looked like a thing - even though it wasn't a thong.

Wearing a normal swimsuit is too provocative now? If she wore a bikini would that have been better?

Would it have been better if she was dressed in this:

A woman in a communal pool swimsuit shamed into leaving

How is this - today's standard bikini - less revealing than a one piece that has more of a pull on the sides?

Would they do this to a man dressed normally for swimming?


Because teenage girls can control themselves? Or because parents of teenage girls actually know what a normal swimsuit looks like?

See...sexism is still alive and well - in this case in Tennessee.

For more information see:


A woman in a communal pool swimsuit shamed into leaving
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  • goddess87
    I actually live in Knoxville and that girl lives in Seymour. It's a tiny embarrassing town close to Dollywood and outside of Knoxville. Those apartments she lives in are in a very trashy overly christian redneck area. I would totally expect that behavior from there. Everyone there is full of drama and gossip. It had nothing to do with her swimsuit and probably had more to do with jealousy. If you are an outsider they automatically try and bring you down. It's so weird bc Knoxville is so much different and then you have that embarrassment of a residential area.
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    • goddess87

      And you must understand. Most people in seymour are very unattractive and gross so if you are skinny, wear make up etc. you will receive jealous hate.

    • goddess87

      I guess this sounded harsh, but it's true

Most Helpful Guy

  • BoobMan
    LMFAO! That's a pretty ridiculously low bar to say someone has to leave! If "might excite teenage boys" is sufficient to bar someone from the pool, then you can pretty much also rule out any fully clothed hot girl! lol!
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  • Kuraj
    "Would they do this to a man dressed normally for swimming?

    While I agree that the issue is ridiculous, please don't bullshit with your sexist whining complaints at least.
    They ban male speedos and swimming briefs all the fucking time.
    Women are totally welcome to wear "normal swimsuits" that cover them all the way to their knees too.
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    • Is this equivalent to a speedo?
      And no, they never banned speedos not briefs... at least not in any normal countries I've ever been to... by the way, you should watch your language... Because it's foul and disrespectful.

    • Kuraj have a bit more compassion it's not a case of us vs women.
      The bible freaks publicly shamed this woman for wearing a by normal standards fairly conservative swimming costume basicly saying it was "to revealing" and had her in tears that's not ok.

  • Chief16
    How does this have anything to do with sexism? Wasn't it the parents who complained? Was any other woman barred? No. While she did nothing wrong, it was the consultant's fault for not letting her in. But rape culture and sexism? Lol, no wonder no one takes feminists seriously. Parents vs emasculating women? Who do you think the community takes more seriously?
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    • Caaarl

      I'm honestly sure if people saw a man who's sexually arousing all the teenage girls in the pool to where they were getting wet they'd be asked to leave too.
      I think it's more of a disturbance for the patrons if it's guys because you know boners and all.

    • goaded

      "But rape culture and sexism?"

      Yes. It's perpetuating the whole idea that men can't control themselves and its the woman's job to dress "modestly". What's next, Burqas?

      Maybe those parents should educate their children not to be as shitty people as they are.

    • Chief16

      @Caaarl besides why would any guy boycott a chick who wants to wear a bikini to the pool?

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  • Markm3212
    i see nothing wrong with what she was wearing. i went to the local swimming pool with my little boy at the weekend and saw a LOT worse there. its funny as i was actually telling work mates this morning about it and then saw this post. but to be asked to be pictured thats a law suit on its way if its true
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  • martyfellow
    If yu could show us this woman, we could reach our own conclusions. It would depend on how good she looked, not just the size of the swimsuit. No one is going to ask the women in the pictures here to leave, I'm fairly sure...

    I was asked to leave a pool as a teenager back when we wore speedos. They said it was too small, too tight... I'm not sure this was 'sexist.'

    Probably more REPRESSIVE, I would say, especially in the South.
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    • Oh, I misunderstood.. this is REALLY HER that you posted, not an example of a suit.
      Wow, they really overreacted. Sure it show her behind a lot, but it's not at all extreme or exceptional.

      But there are really prudish people in the South, and to some extent elsewhere. AS I said, I was asked to leave a pool also because my suit didn't cover enough.

  • vishna
    Apparently teen boys can't control themselves around a woman's bare shoulder (a rule at my hs)... people have way too much time on their hands :/
  • HazellaHaze
    Is that the swimsuit in question? I don't understand the problem. It's an average, 1 piece swimsuit. Shouldn't punish her because she *may* excite some boys. They can control themselves. If they can't control themselves - then *they* should be asked to leave.
  • Doglover666
    It's not sexism if women are the ones complaining about her swimsuit that's internalised mysogny and basic female bitchiness. I suspect few if any fathers were complaining, I know what some father's would have been thinking and it wasn't about how inappropriate her swim wear was.
    It's a funny situation because badly fitting swimsuits can often ride up the butts of larger women, maybe this was the case.
  • jen_phils
    I read this article as well. If you check her Facebook post you can see more pictures. I think the bathing suit was cut a little small for her butt and her butt checks were showing. Really not a big deal and no reason for this to happen to her, but I think that's what the problem was.
  • CheckPlease
    Every one shoves thier world views on others. My close female freind was shamed at a church camp. A few years latter she married her husband she met there and is not a huge part of the church. She showed them that is does not matter what you wear to the pool. It is who you are on the inside.
  • NormaTavish
    The swimsuit looks fine to me and I don't understand why she was asked to leave their is perhaps more to the story than is being reported. I've been to the public swimming pool wearing similar and in white and I've also been wearing a bikini and never had a problem..
  • Red_Arrow
    Really was not sure what to believe. Supposedly this happened at an apartment complex in the US, but a tabloid in the UK is where this story appeared. And the pool is a part of the apartment complex but costs an extra $300 a month to use?

    If the "facts" are actually true, there is plenty of grounds for a lawsuit, since (supposedly) they paid for the use of the pool and did nothing wrong.

    In any case, I would be moving out of that apartment.
  • Shaft50
    I don't see anything wrong with her swimsuit, or her body. Teenage boys will get excited if she was to wear a tshirt over her swimsuit... it's a modest swimsuit, not too revealing... I wonder if there was an instruction issued and signposted saying that revealing swimsuits should not be worn. I also am curious about the basis for the complaint from management... is it cultural, or even religious?
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  • Alej27
    It's normal nothing outrageous. Sounds like they need to get sewed to provoke a precedence and avoid this type of events to happen. Poor her she must have felt awful
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  • sedrftvgyhujik
    How is that a thong?
    You deserve to be able to wear a swimsuit in a public place without getting kicked out let alown shamed for it this is why the American south has such a bad reputation and honestly i know guys often say the west doesn't need feminism but i think honestly with this and the planned parenthood criminals I honestly think the American south really still dose.
    • Really you should be able to where a actual thong in a public place without getting kicked out.

  • legalboxers
    people are asshurt, its a human nature to see a woman in a bathing suit in the summer. Its how it is, no matter how hard you want to change it, no matter how many bills, or executive orders you write, or how many protests you hold, nothing will change it. If you dont like how she looks, then YOU CAN LEAVE. No one is forcing you to stay or look at her.
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  • kickme
    she did not look improper at all, these people must be a combination of puritans+ISIS.

    On the other had, she hasn't been shamed, raped, violated, etc. There's no sexism here and nothing to cry about. Just some prudes. go put some shorts on and be glad you don't actually have something to cry about. You don't need 15 minutes of fame. Now you can cry because you made an idiot of yourself in front of everyone.
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  • Scarecrow13
    I remember another story from a few years ago. I pool or water park can make their own rules regarding dress, but they should be clear and consistent.
  • imhungry2234
    It really goes both ways sally. In that state there are large communities with Amish communities so they tend to have different morals. In texas, they actually banned males from going to the alamo movie theater and made fun of them when they caught offense to it. I noticed these problems happen in the southern and mid western states. These things dont happen in big cities
  • jane3224
    Teenage boys will get excited at the sight of a girl in any type of swimsuit. Any way when your at school going age the boys are always lifting up girls skirts to check them out anyway With all the sex scenes you see in modern day movies compared to yeas ago.
    I recon who ever that person was who said that should be ashamed of themselves. Some people claim to have this high moral standing and yet they are the worse hypocrites around themselves.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Wow, what is this world coming to.

    Sun times? really? isn't that like a tabloid or something in the UK?
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