Premier League Highlight and Results


Premier League Highlight and Results

It is not an easy road to the top, the premier league is up and running with favorite teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United trying to stamp their feet in the headboard. Hopefuls Arsenal lost this afternoon to a one goal defeat by Stoke City. Liverpool earlier today managed a 1 goal victory at home to crystal palace. Defending Champions Chelsea after losing their first match will be up against Tottenham on Sunday, this promises to be a very entertaining match. Time will be 13:00 CAT. Meanwhile the Mourinho boys Manchester United have kept a clean sheet and stay on top of the table with 2 wins.

Swansea 0 - 4 Manchester United

Bournemouth 0 - 2 Watford

Burnley 0 - 1 West Brom

Leicester 2 - 0 Brighton

Liverpool 1 - 0 Crystal Palace

Southampton 3 - 2 West Ham

Stoke City 1 - 0 Arsenal

Premier League Highlight and Results

Premier League Highlight and Results
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