Eminem Raps About White Privilege And Racial Profiling in "Untouchable" Song


A week ahead of dropping his Revival album, Eminem addresses White privilege once again on his new song "Untouchable." Also on Thursday, he unveiled the album cover for Revival, which shows him burying his head in his hand from behind an American flag.

Eminem Raps About White Privilege And Racial Profiling in "Untouchable" Song

Eminem has gotten political with his music before. In October, he voiced his disapproval of President Donald Trump with a freestyle rap performance that aired during the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.

"Untouchable" is an up-tempo anthem that addresses police brutality, racial profiling, white privilege and systematic racism in America. The song also mentions other social issues such as segregation, poverty, high crime rates and low job availability.

Eminem raps "Black boy, black boy, we ain't gonna lie to you/Black boy, black boy, we don't like the sight of you/Pull on the side of you/Window rolled down, profile."

In the second verse, he speaks plainly to the message of his song, "Throughout history, African-Americans have been treated likes---/And I admit, there have been times where it's been embarrassing to be a ... white boy, white boy."

Song Lyrics: https://genius.com/Eminem-untouchable-lyrics

Check out the Revival cover and tracklist below.

Eminem's Revival Tracklist

1. "Walk on Water" Feat. Beyoncé
2. "Believe"
3. "Chloraseptic" Feat. Phresher
4. "Untouchable"
5. "River" Feat. Ed Sheeran
6. "Remind Me (Intro)"
7. "Remind Me"
8. "Revival (Interlude)"
9. "Like Home" Feat. Alicia Keys
10. "Bad Husband" Feat. X Ambassadors
11. "Tragic Endings" Feat. Skylar Grey
12. "Framed"
13. "Nowhere Fast" Feat. Kehlani
14. "Heat"
15. "Offended"
16. "Need Me" Feat. Pink
17. "In Your Head"
18. "Castle"
19. "Arose"

Eminem Raps About White Privilege And Racial Profiling in "Untouchable" Song
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  • looneymalooney
    I wasn't taking his lyrics seriously back in the days, why start now.
    I would expect EM to throw a line about trump, say how US is racist (without mentioning the direction of the racism because honestly it goes both ways) and then destroy the laughable Social justice warriors, feminists that are screaming at everyone through frustration. I can already see the "comic book"-like video.
    I guess that Eminem is gone.

    Wondering though what's the background, what happened that Eminem tries to milk such subjects?
    we all know he always had a problem with politicians, but he'd simply drop a line max 2 in a song filled with an avalanche of different ideas. Now 4 minutes about Trump.
    Also how perverted from the "anti-racist" to expect whites to feel ashamed for... being white. This "anti-racism" war has gone to that step. Lest not forget the black lives matter list, where whites are supposed to simply give all their possessions to oppressed black people.
    Proceed please, only that way US will be quiet. All whites better leave. Like Zimbabwe
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    • No one asks you to be ashamed of being white. Only to reflect on your position in society, and to learn about how other people experience society.
      One example I recently saw was an article about some white hippies in California smoking weed while doing yoga, meanwhile thousands of black men are behind bars for non-violent weed-related drug offenses. It's ridiculous.

    • @Felicia5567
      yup, I already learned that my actions have repercussions: good or bad. let's get responsible for our actions and we will have a better world.

      what is your source in regards to the thousands of black men that are behind bars for "non-violent" weed related. What was the reason for their conviction? did police bust into their homes while they were casually watching the Sunday football game and wooped their asses and put them in jail. How shameful.

      Snoop dogg, a role model, is so busted all the time and flashing his bags of weed to his tens of millions of followers on instagram, like he's having soup. I'd expect the racist pigs to come after him, yet... nothing happens. it's ridiculous.

    • @Felicia5567 These black men are thugs !!!
      Stop your pathetic ass kissing ! and shame any white man for just opening his mouth !!!

      Jeesus Fucking Christ !

Most Helpful Girl

  • CHARismatic110
    First things first, it's Eminem. King of Controversy. He's always been that, he always will be. He's just switched his topics up a bit this time. Good on him. He's saying some shit that needs to be said. He's never been afraid to speak his mind before, so what would make people think he'd start now? He's losing fans, sure. But again, I doubt he cares. I'm looking forward to the album. Excited to see the collabs with X Ambassadors and Pink.
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    • He's a brain dead moron, just like his fans.

    • @HandsomeGuy500 you're entitled...

    • yer sure

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  • WTFliberals
    Good Take man !

    But I have to say that what a hypocrite Eminem is !!!
    He built his career on sexism and homophobic topics !!!

    Now he joined the PC side... by saying Trump is racist !!! Wowww what an edge comment from him.
    The Truth is : He would never be successful if he didn't started his career with controversial things.

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  • Lumberman53
    White Privilege doesn't exist more whites are killed by the police than blacks, and I've seen white people myself included get harassed by the police it's not just something that happens to minorities. They just like to play the race card.
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    • It's about percentage, not number. There are a bit over 40 million Black people, and over 230 million white people. So if you look at percentages, Black people are over 5 times more likely to be killed. And then there's things like armed or unarmed that play into it etc.
      But yes, police violence in the U. S. is an issue not just for Black men. They are just disproportionately affected by it.

    • @Felicia5567 they're also 13 percent of the population but are responsible for 50 percent of violent crimes

    • 38.5% of violent crime. Which is not the point. If you commit a crime, you get a trial, that's the basis of the democratic legislative system. The police are not judges.
      And Black people are killed at higher rates than white people by police. Overruling the judicial branch on such a scale is a problem for democracy, and as a U. S. citizen you should be concerned that so many people don't get the chance of a fair trial.

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  • Phoenix98
    Eminem is a irrelevant has been who hasn't been relevant or even noticed at all for years until he started singing about this stuff recently.

    He's just jumping on the trend set by others.

    Besides you really think he's fighting for the little people or the less fortunate. Dude made millions singing about all kinds of trash like leaving family, abusing, assaulting your girl and all the things that make rap what it is.

    He's as privileged as they come.
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    • kaylaS91

      and you think other rappers who made millions in the rap world rapped about anything else?
      You don't think Dr. Dre rapped about violence against women? You don't think R. Kelly had sexually lewd lyrics, around the time he just so happened to marry a minor?

    • 8string

      @kaylaS91 you just backed this guys point up.

  • Snurfl
    The begging is very awkward and sounds like an amateur rapping. It's very cringey and difficult to watch. After then further listening, it appears the rest of the song is like that. Nowhere near the quality of his more famous ones such as "Rap God". But that's a bit nit picky and we can somewhat give him a pass because it's "freestyle" which I don't believe, but benefit of the doubt.

    The actual things he addresses. The begging seems to be blasting on cops for shooting black people, and saying that cops are very racist. I'm not going to deny that racism exists because that would be very stupid, however I will deny that cops are as bad as they are presented to be. It's very easy these days to take something out of context and show it to millions of people in order to shine a negative light on something you don't like or disagree with, and I believe this is what happens with cops. Of course there might be some white cops that are racist, but I'm sure you could also find some black cops that are racist as well.

    The next part seems to be trying to present white people as these dumb, egotistical morons who perceive themselves as "untouchable rockstars" and that you can't tell them anything they don't wanna hear because their heads are "like a sieve". Again, something I completely disagree with. Of course there will always be ignorant people who believe that the universe revolves around them, but this is definitely not restricted to white people. Besides, I've seen more examples of white people being able to criticism, accept it, and make a positive change than I have coloured or Asian people. A lot of the time they get "triggered" and label you as racist, but again, this is generally a minority of people, and does not represent the majority.

    The song basically just repeats the themes at this point and I can't be bothered to go through it all, so let's have a short conclusion here.

    Black people may struggle to find work. Black people may be treated differently. Black people may have some negative stereotypes. They may have suffered in the past. But so does everyone. White people struggle to find work these days because due to SJW's, companies are being pressured into hiring people that may be bad for the job, simply to show that they are diverse. The same goes for college, and thanks to SJW's, white people also have several unfair stigmas and steretypes. And for what? What some people we had no control over did a long time ago? That's hardly fair.
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    • Snurfl

      I had to cut some corners because of the word limit, but I would be happy to discuss this in further detail via PM. I will admit however that politics is not my forte, but I am starting to develop an interest as it's relevance to me grows.

  • watisgoingon
    trying to stay relevant. I find it fascinating that people believe celebrities will do something honorable. he is simply making a song about a trendy topic that will get people talking about him again and earn a few millions
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  • oddwaffle
    EM always hit the edgy stuff. From gay to the glamored life to domestic violence. He doesn't have the crazy ideas like John Lennon but he did get the points right.
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    • oddwaffle

      "They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
      They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool
      Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rule"

      "Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
      And you think you're so clever and classless and free
      But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see."

      John Lennon.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Y’all some butthurt ass motherfuckers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    With that said, that video he did was striaght trash.
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  • acooke-13
    I can wait to hear this album! I love his songs, just wish he'd tour in the UK
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  • BronzedAdonis
    My respect for him has increase. Good on him for acknowledging and bringing attention to the issue!
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  • Kiran04
    Life lesson #1, never take advice from a rap artist ever. You're talking about the people who started off glorifying crime, gangs, abusing women. The fact that this needs to be said shows the sad, sorry state of our society. Life lesson #2, never take anyone seriously who bases any opinion on race. I thought we did away with that during the civil rights era, but apparently everyone suddenly wants to go back to segregation. OK, enjoy doing that again. MLK fought to end it, now you want blacks and whites going to separate schools, in separate dorms, and drinking from separate fountains. 'Cause it worked so well the last time. Morons. Eminem is nothing more than another social justice warrior who acts on feelings instead of facts.
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    • 8string


    • Kiran04

      @8string Eminem? Yes, he is very triggered. That needs to be the name of his next rap album.

  • IsenhowerJ
    This is stereotypical EM and since all of this stuff is relevant in today's society, of course, he will sing about it.
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  • Naydyonov
    I generally respect Eminem, but I think this whole new style is bullshit.
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  • BeHappy1985
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  • HandsomeGuy500
    Eminem has always been a brainless tosser.
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  • HamAndCheese
    Well, he's free wallow in self-loathing.
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  • micheal727jovanie
    Nice take
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  • DamnMan
    My boy's back!!!
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  • Jayson101
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    it sells
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    • 8string

      at least he's dissing someone besides bill clinton

  • 8string
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