I Was Bullied For No Reason...

I Was Bullied For No Reason...

It started when I was 7, I didn't know it was bullying. I was with my friend (a), She was nice overall, but she would always call me useless, and she would try to change me. Of course I listened to her, and was friends with her even though she was really mean to me, because I had no friends other than her. At that time I didn't really mind what she said to me because I had a fun and happy family, so I focused on my family. When I was 11 or 12, I got bullied a lot, she was still my friend at the time, I remember one time, this other girl told her friends that I called her a fatass, and all her friends came up to me and said shit about me and threatened to beat me up (this girl was popular and had like over 30 friends). And (a) didn't do anything, she stood there an watched. Another time I got into a fight with the same girl, and none of us won, as the bell went for class, (a) stood up for the other girl, and said she stood up for her, so that I could toughen up a bit. Then stupid (a) went ahead and told my teacher about the fight, and we all got into huge trouble.

I ended up being in the same class with (a) for 6 years. When I turned 13 she finally wasn't in my class, but still in my school. (a) somehow ended up joining my friend group! and of course she started spreading rumors about me to them, and they believed her. So my friends started to hate me and disapprove of me. One day, the day that scared my heart, was when me and my friend group and (a) were hanging out, (a) got each person out of the group and had a 5 second chat with all of them one by one. They came back and bitchy little (a) asked me this "Do you think anyone here actually is friends with you?" I knew some of them didn't like me, so I said no, she carried on by saying this "Do you think she likes you?" and then "what about her? do you think she likes you?" and she did this for every person asking me one by one. I said no... none of them like me. And I left...to the bathrooms... I locked myself in, to clam myself a bit, so I could hold back my tears. Then I hear voices outside, their voices. They followed me. I stayed in for the rest of lunch, so about 20 minutes. They stayed as well. The bell went for class, and I left to class. They kept following me, so I went around the whole school before going to class. This stopped them from following me. I went to class, and I noticed my usual seat was taken, the person looked at me with a questioning look (I had guessed that my friends told this person to sit there). I headed to the back of the class and sat there, I didn't work at all, instead, I cried the whole lesson (50 minutes). It was the first time I had ever cried at school.

They never apologized, but I'm still friends with these people as I have no one else to hang out with.

Why do people bully others? Is it fun? Another situation is one i'm in right now. I am boy-crazy, I'm gonna admit it, I am. I use to like this boy (b). He had a girlfriend, I told my friends I liked him, and they told him. Of course this got to his girlfriend as well, and she told all her friends, these people are also really popular, about 60 or so people in this group. The entire group found out and they all tease me about it, luckily one time this girl said "oii (b) I love you!" and she said this so I would look, But I didn't as I didn't hear her say it, but if I heard, I would've looked. I found out after my friends told me. They always say "Hi!" to me as in an annoying way, and I ignore them every time (it's because of my social anxiety). I always end up having a crush that's part of this group and they always find out and annoy me, but what's the point of this?

Because of all this bullying, I now have depression and social anxiety, as I think no one will ever like me and that I'm useless. And a lot of this may lead to suicide.

Bullying needs to stop, It's killing people.



Speak Up and Stand Together to Stop Bullying!

I Was Bullied For No Reason...
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