I Was Bullied For No Reason...

I Was Bullied For No Reason...

It started when I was 7, I didn't know it was bullying. I was with my friend (a), She was nice overall, but she would always call me useless, and she would try to change me. Of course I listened to her, and was friends with her even though she was really mean to me, because I had no friends other than her. At that time I didn't really mind what she said to me because I had a fun and happy family, so I focused on my family. When I was 11 or 12, I got bullied a lot, she was still my friend at the time, I remember one time, this other girl told her friends that I called her a fatass, and all her friends came up to me and said shit about me and threatened to beat me up (this girl was popular and had like over 30 friends). And (a) didn't do anything, she stood there an watched. Another time I got into a fight with the same girl, and none of us won, as the bell went for class, (a) stood up for the other girl, and said she stood up for her, so that I could toughen up a bit. Then stupid (a) went ahead and told my teacher about the fight, and we all got into huge trouble.

I ended up being in the same class with (a) for 6 years. When I turned 13 she finally wasn't in my class, but still in my school. (a) somehow ended up joining my friend group! and of course she started spreading rumors about me to them, and they believed her. So my friends started to hate me and disapprove of me. One day, the day that scared my heart, was when me and my friend group and (a) were hanging out, (a) got each person out of the group and had a 5 second chat with all of them one by one. They came back and bitchy little (a) asked me this "Do you think anyone here actually is friends with you?" I knew some of them didn't like me, so I said no, she carried on by saying this "Do you think she likes you?" and then "what about her? do you think she likes you?" and she did this for every person asking me one by one. I said no... none of them like me. And I left...to the bathrooms... I locked myself in, to clam myself a bit, so I could hold back my tears. Then I hear voices outside, their voices. They followed me. I stayed in for the rest of lunch, so about 20 minutes. They stayed as well. The bell went for class, and I left to class. They kept following me, so I went around the whole school before going to class. This stopped them from following me. I went to class, and I noticed my usual seat was taken, the person looked at me with a questioning look (I had guessed that my friends told this person to sit there). I headed to the back of the class and sat there, I didn't work at all, instead, I cried the whole lesson (50 minutes). It was the first time I had ever cried at school.

They never apologized, but I'm still friends with these people as I have no one else to hang out with.

Why do people bully others? Is it fun? Another situation is one i'm in right now. I am boy-crazy, I'm gonna admit it, I am. I use to like this boy (b). He had a girlfriend, I told my friends I liked him, and they told him. Of course this got to his girlfriend as well, and she told all her friends, these people are also really popular, about 60 or so people in this group. The entire group found out and they all tease me about it, luckily one time this girl said "oii (b) I love you!" and she said this so I would look, But I didn't as I didn't hear her say it, but if I heard, I would've looked. I found out after my friends told me. They always say "Hi!" to me as in an annoying way, and I ignore them every time (it's because of my social anxiety). I always end up having a crush that's part of this group and they always find out and annoy me, but what's the point of this?

Because of all this bullying, I now have depression and social anxiety, as I think no one will ever like me and that I'm useless. And a lot of this may lead to suicide.

Bullying needs to stop, It's killing people.



Speak Up and Stand Together to Stop Bullying!

I Was Bullied For No Reason...
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  • SnowyOwl
    I'm sad to re how this situation has developed and for years.

    You should really reach out to a counselor at school, or a teacher you are comfortable with. Tell them how those girls threatened to beat you. And how the girl was asking you if anyone there liked you.
    If you have the courage, go to the principal. Someone needs to put these kids in their place.
    I was bullied, I was threatened to being beat up. I told this to a teacher and to the principal. The bullying stopped. Of course the bullies would give me dirty looks. But they wouldn't dare come at me again. They knew I would expose them.

    Expose these people. You don't have to take any of their nonsense. Everytime you accept the situation you are in, you break a little more. It's up to you to stand for yourself.
    And you are not alone if you reach out to someone.

    And if you haven't, tell at least one of your parents about it. They can help you. Tell them to talk with the school.

    I don't know how old you are, but if this is in high school. Know that it's not forever. I kept none of my friends from high school. At that age everyone is lost, and doesn't know who they are. Most kids with insecurities take it out on other kids to make themselves fell better.

    They only have chosen to take it out on you because you haven't stopped them. Stop them now. Reach out to an adult.

    And if you don't feel safe, like if you feel life threatened for example as you walk around school, also tell this to the counselor, or teacher. I'm sure they will find a solution.

    The people who will stay in your life come later on. You will find loving friends, I promise.

    You should start an activity outside school. Maybe like this you could make new friends.
    But also don't be afraid to be by yourself. You don't need people.
    If you focus on doing the things you like and doing well in school, and being good at what you are passionate about, you will feel a lot better.

    When you feel happy, other people will notice. And they will come to you.

    Don't be afraid to smile, it'll make your world brighter

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  • Samantha7
    My biggest regret was not to stand against bullying. I remember one guy in class was bullied for 3 years because he used to pick his nose. He stopped but people still bullied him and called him disgusting. He came to class shaking and he was handing out cookies a new packet he slowly opened it no one took everyone would give u death glares if u dared to take it I wanted it but I was scared of the way people looked at me. One guy took a cookie and told everyone to stop and that its not right, I told him im sorry and that I was scared myself, of being judged. That guilt would've never left me if I didn't say sorry. it was in middle school
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  • Kaneki05
    Bullying is a thing that will always exist, and will always happen for a reason so care about it if you want and make a big deal about it, or you can move on with your life.

    Bullying is nature and bullying kills people, that is so wrong bullying don't kill people.

    People who give up kill themselves it is very different. Unless if the bully actaully kills them but then that's not bullying that's murder.

    Most people get over it and move on. And i ain't saying it ain't a sad thing or a bad thing, but it will be a thing that will always happen.
    So no point complaining.
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  • SkipStop
    I ended up taking martial arts and beat up my bullies on our last day at that school. I broke the nose on one of them. Felt sooo good. I will never forget it. Had more fights in high school. Won all of them but got into trouble. Revenge is better than a couple of days of suspension because they never looked me in the eye again.
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    • Unit1

      Damn, I envy you! If only I had the means to do the same. This is an epic way to graduate!

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  • Nerdking
    I was bullied a lot too by this lol white kid verbally and physically and would come home crying or with bruises even tho I was artistic by nature so i loved arts stuff and videogames I would tell the teacher and it would get worse he would break my glasses when he got in trouble for me telling the teacher which cost my family over $3,000 worth of replacements (yes $3000), i took up martial arts at 6 but i wasn't ever allowed to use what i learned out of anger, then 8th grade came about and my MA teacher passed away and i got really depressed and the same arsewipe kept throwing books (yes text books) at my head my good friend Sasha would always stand up for me till one day they pushed her down the stairs and she broke her ankle and they stood there laughing and something snapped in me and i beat him nearly to death i came back to my senses in handcuffs in the hallway covered in blood he lost function in his legs and i got expelled, he later told his mother i was bullying him and tried to sue me but i had video of him torturing me and 10 other people to testify against him (his other victims) and the charges were dropped after they told the judge everything he's done to us, he tortured me for 8+years and destroyed my childhood so i destroyed his future

    Never got bullied again and was given the nickname the "green eyed" devil
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  • Lovi87
    First of all, I'm sorry that you've had to go through this crap and others go through a lot worse (which doesn't make it any easier I know, but NEVER stick with people/someone, just because you think you'll be alone. Usually, being alone is the best damn thing. Just think how much more peaceful it would be to not have anyone to answer to other than yourself.

    Soon as you leave school, It'll be better. Promise.
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  • Pejtu
    I've been bullying two people for no reason , back in high school
    But i would consider that a "friendly banter" rather then bullying , but the place where i live nobody cares what happens in school u gotta take care of urself

    It was one dude and one girl from my class , and the only reason i did that - they were from the outside of the city - rednecks
    And city people really hate those , i was the same , but i realized i did a lot of damage mentally to this girl especially , this dude left years ago to different school

    She stayed those full 3 years from 16 to 19 , and not only i did that , firstgirls from my class started it , saying - "ur clothes lok like trash" ,
    " what was the last time u had a shower omg "

    It startd like that , and later it was only worse and worse , i met her few months ago on the street of the city near bus stop , when she saw me she instantly sat down on the street and started crying , apologizing to me for i dont know even what , i also changed i just wanted to say hi and talk to her , but when she did that i realized i did a lot of wrong things

    Which i admit i regret , i do not have much empathy overall , but the thing she did after not seeing me for 4 years , and then instantly knowing whats gonna happen , i felt bad like asking myself - "what did i do years back " , and to this day i remember this look of sadness on her face with tears while she was sitting on this street

    If u bully other people dont do that , it really does a lot of damage to this person , and years later i really regret i did that :<
    • We're the bully's black or Hispanic see man this is why Donald Trump is sending every illegal back to their country why because the bully is always going to be black or Hispanic.

  • SarahsSummer
    The only reason anyone is ever bullied comes from within the bullyer.
    Are you really 29 years old. If you haven’t gotten over bullying from 15+ years ago, you really need to speak to a therapist. This is very unhealthy.
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  • ashleyb93
    I was bullied all throughout my time at school by numerous people. Kids are dumb and super insecure. They bully you because you're a threat to them in one way or another. So they drag you down to make themselves feel better. It's stupid and childish but the sooner you realize its them with the problem it gets so much easier. And now that we're all out of school all those mean girls are dressing like me, cutting their hair like me and none of them are still friends. It just goes to show.
  • loveArt1983
    I was bullied back then when I kid but I understand, now why because they just jerks who like manipulate situation I think they are used to it, B) don't go scary road there always anime that don't suck, C) there music uplift your spirits, D) stay away from Heather drama show it make you think of your situation. E) Boy crazy is not phase... there are other boys out there... just don't fall on sword of handsome... go for nerds...
  • milesgeorgedavis
    I've always felt a little bit sad for the people who bully. Nobody starts out inherently that mean without getting something in It for them. So anytime I heard someone picking on someone else, I always held the assumption that they found themselves lacking self-worth and are trying to make themselves feel better or they do it to try and make others laugh at someone's misfortune to feel a part of the group. And of course everyone laughs because the person who doesn't is the square or possibly a potential victim for the bully so they are just happy that it isn't them being picked on. So, the bully victims get fed up with it and eventually breakdown inside. So they find something to fill that self worth gap. They see someone spill coffee on themselves and chuckle. They start laughing at the funny way a coworker talks. They smack a coworkers back when the boss yells at them and tells them to keep up the good work. Soon his kids start picking up on it and the whole process repeats itself. The ones who make it through bullying with there sanities intact and turn the other cheek are truly strong people. Saintly even. So always hug the ones you love tightly because maybe that day they spilled coffee on themselves or their coworker always makes fun of their lisp. They might just be one second away from believing that they are worthless and becoming a monster to protect themselves or taking a whole bottle of pills to end the pain. If you are being bullied in any way, I just want you to know that you are beautiful and very much loved. They may take your selfesteem but they can't take away who you are and that is YOU. The only you. The beautiful, expressive life force made to bring love to others. I truly hope whoever reads this, please LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE OTHERS, and don't forget to LOVE LIFE. <3
  • OnlyYouKnowThat
    Stop bullying.
    Stop murder.
    Stop assaults.
    Stop fighting.
    Stop stealing.
    Stop gossiping.
    Stop jealousy.
    The list could go on...
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  • candycanehearts
    omgg theyre so awful! I know some people get left out/ picked on a little at my school but nothing thats so like directly being mean, you should get your class or school changed so you can have new friends
  • TonyBologna25
    I got teased and bullied at one point as a child. Want to know what happened? I moved the fuck on with my life. The world is filled with shitty people. Dont put any energy into them and you’ll be fine.
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    • Silver158

      More prefer getting my own back. It's much more fun.

  • lernulo
    Stop going out with popular girls and start doing real friends.
    I prefer being alone that being with your friends honestly.
    Furthermore, you should start searching your hobbies, its a great form to know who you are and to meet new friends (real ones to be possible)
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  • ForteExe
    Everyone is bullied for a reason and everyone is gonna have to deal with assholes in life. The more you complain that bullies need to stop hurting poor defenseless innocent little you the more they'll come after you. Bottom line is if you're unhappy with your life then it's solely your responsibility to change it, because no one else will do it for you. You're just wasting your time with your activist tactics.
  • lilaqua
    Yeah called fucking life. For a while there I was bullied about my appearance but I am the closest thing to “average” as you can get, I have no really features that you can really pick out.
  • zagor
    Most bullying is for no reason. Sadly, it seems a very common part of childhood the world over.

    I have been to Japan several times and was impressed by how orderly, clean and polite their society is. But from what I have read it is one of the worst places for childhood bullies and peer pressure.
  • Napoly_Lover
    Here I Europe happens to but is different is not so heavy like in America, I think a kind when is bullied should right away go to the principal and then the school start a meeting with the parents and call the bully and speak out why is he she them doing it this may eradicate the bully probably or the parent may be more active in the social life of their children
  • meowcow
    Bullying is the natural result of people with different personalities. You have those who follow the rules, and then you have the narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths.

    Psychopaths show a lack of remorse from a very early age. They do bad things, fight other children, and they do not feel remorse about it. Their brains simply aren't wired to feel remorse. It is these people that grow up as school bullies, and later in life, they become criminals, murderers, or white collar criminals.

    Its actually quite interesting. Most CEOs of giant/powerful corporations are psychopaths... because they can do the horrible things that need to be done in order to get the company to the top.

    Since these people are naturally born within a population, it is not possible to stop bullying. It is a better option to grow a set of balls, and learn to take care of yourself. Because the reality is, few people will care about your well-being as much as you do.
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  • Therisinghero12
    I don't know if its my town or something, but I've never been bullied, strange considering how many things there are about me that would make it so easy. Maybe because i'm very much a loner so no one knows enough about me to make fun of me?
  • Just_A_Guy2018
    I was the high school outcast who dated the most beautiful girl in the school. I got picked on a lot.

    Our school did a school wide self defense program. Of course all the bullies thought that it would be cool to partake so they could learn some moves to hurt others with. I was also in the program. The bullies became very quiet and timid when I walked into the gym wearing my 2nd degree black belt. Every single one of them hit the mat repeatedly over that class. They never bothered me again after that.
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  • Smegskull
    You just don't know the reason.
    I was bullied for being significantly smarter than other students.
    Just be glad it didn't turn you into a school shooter, serial killer or suicide.
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  • CubsterShura
    I'm also bullied since pre-school. It has never been great.
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