Major Gambling Site Puts Trump/Republican Odds For 2020 At Highest Ever -- Democrats At Lowest Ever


Put your money where your mouth is baby!

Money doesn't lie.

Show me the MONAYYYY!

Man it must suck to be a Democrat these days.

I mean how many times can you keep getting beaten like a rented mule and still have anything left to keep trying?

And it just keeps getting worse and worse for Democrats with no end in sight.

The Democrats turn to radical socialism is dooming the party. And at the worst possible time when the 2020 elections are closing in.

And they STILL don't get it !!!

Sad, sad....

...kind of...well maybe not that sad.

Major Gambling Site Puts Trump/Republican Odds For 2020 At Highest Ever -- Democrats At Lowest Ever
Major Gambling Site Puts Trump/Republican Odds For 2020 At Highest Ever -- Democrats At Lowest Ever
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  • rickydavid
    That's good but people have to get and vote like they did last time don't need no liberals in office.. don't need socialism
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    • Yes that's right. Get out and VOTE AGAINST SOCIALISM!

    • rickydavid

      Yes I will just let other people know

  • Poormanscomedian
    Odds are Trump wins Reelection
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  • Rissyanne
    The democrats will ensure Trumps win. They can’t help themselves
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
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  • WalterRadio
    Bernie is going to quit or die first.

    Biden is going to quit, die, or be charged with bribery and then quit.

    Warren is a Communist and even the mighty liberal Zuckerberg hates her.

    There is no path to win for Democrats. Trump will end up with more electoral votes than last time.
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  • singing_geek
    The polls also said Hillary was certain to win in 2016. Look how that turned out.
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    • Right, except this is not a poll. This is the consensus of gamblers who put their money down betting on who they think is going to win.

    • Cask23

      The two strongest Democrats are Warren and Biden. Put them in a debate ring with Trump and he'll crush them.

    • The bookmakers also backed Clinton too, though.

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  • Cask23
    I'm not surprised. All the Democrat contenders are lightweight panties compared to Trump. He'll tear them to pieces during debate. And now that he's been president for 2.5 years and has real accomplishments to point to he'll destroy them more.
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  • MarketData
    It's a bit odd that they don't mention Joe Biden, but yeah.
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  • JerryReed
    I love your chutzpah.
    Where do these libtards come from? Cow farts? Really?
    AOC is the biggest hypocrite on the planet. But does that matter to the libtards. Nope. She's a genius.
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  • HumanClay
    When you tell people not to have children and that the world is goung to end in 12 months... i would hope people don't vote for you.
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  • Eleanor12
    Stop labeling and start looking at the integrity of 45. He is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and is in bed with governments that rule by terrorism. Labels get you nowhere. All they do is divide. Show the respect you would like to be shown to you.
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  • Sweatyotterr
    Im a conservative myself but i think its obvious the democrats are more popular and more people consider themselves democrats i think it all depends on their candidate to be honest
  • young_old_soul
    He is very popular among his base, especially in the states he won, and is most unpopular in deep blue states. The incumbent tends to have an advantage because their party doesn't have to infight so much in the primaries. It also depends on the economy. If the economy remains strong he will probably win. Bernie Sanders could win against him but the DNC establishment will never allow it. The Democrats have shifted so far left that a lot of more moderate/centrist voters, especially in more conservative areas, have a harder time supporting them. The democrats also don't have a candidate who spent 8 years waiting for "her turn" this time. Most of the current contenders either are too far left to win, or don't have much of a following.
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  • Curmudgeon
    The Demunist Commiecrats betrayed their chiefly but by no means solely White working class base. Trump did something just about every other tone-deaf Republican missed: he related to those people.

    Sure, he was and is a billionaire, but he still made the sincere effort to reach out to those people.

    Will the Republican Establishment LEARN something from this? One can only hope.
  • mike5150
    I am far from a liberal but I think there is great concern for 2020 and beyond. Look at demographic changes since the year 2000. Republicans went from having solid states like Virginia to being almost locked out now days. The biggest state Republicans win is usually Texas. With the demographic change and Ted Cruz nearly losing to Beta O'Rourke, Texas in 2020 will be close but likely a Republican win. But 2024 and after Texas will likely have a new Blue Wall which unfortunately would lock Republicans out of an electoral college victory.
    • You're right. And one of the biggest threats to the Republicans is the relentless effort by Democrats to block any efforts to ensure that only US citizens can vote. They know that they are losing the middle class vote and are steaming full speed ahead to replace it with votes from illegals, particularly on the border states like CA, Texas and AZ. In states like CA, they constantly push to make it easier for illegals to commit voter fraud by passing laws that give them the right to get drivers licenses and, not coincidentally, allow (no ENCOURAGE) them to register to vote at the time they get the license without even having to prove they are citizens. They are constantly pushing to make voter fraud by illegals easier to commit while at the same time doing everything they can to open up the borders to an invasion of illegals, oppose anything that can stop it, and then plying those illegals with free goodies at the expense of American working people in exchange for their illegal votes. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

    • mike5150

      I agree 100%. The irony is that the democrats despite having so many advantages through underhanded tricks, continue to cry about the electoral college being unfair.

    • Thank God for the electoral college. It prevents Democrats from imposing "mob rule" on the country, and preventing mob rule is exactly what it was designed to do. It's brilliant! And PS, all the talk by Democrats about eliminating it is sheer blather. It will never be eliminated because that would mean that the smaller states, who benefit from it most because it gives them at least some voice in presidential elections, would have to vote to ratify a change to the Constitution that would eliminate their voice altogether. That's never going to happen. Sooner or later the Democrats are going to have to wake up to the fact that investigations, fake news, innuendo, false accusations and impeachment isn't the key to gaining political power. It's about winning elections.

  • zagor
    The only way Trump will win is if the Democrats nominate a buffoon of their own.

    Which looks like it may very well happen.
  • intjgamer
    Hey we had George Bush go 2 terms. Trump will get his second and this circus will be over.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    As usually happens in first midterms where the opposing party takes one or both Houses, the winning party sees it as a complete endorsement of their wildest ideas rather than as a correction against too much power in one party's hands. The Republicans thought 1994 meant Bill Clinton was dead. Same with the GOP in 2010 with Mr. Obama. Same with the Democrats in 1982 with Ronald Reagan. All three ended up getting easily re-elected.

    Basically, without a collapsing economy even the worst Presidents like Nixon and W usually get re-elected. Unless he is indicted or the economy tanks, Trump will be re-elected, the Democrats will take full control of Congress in 2022, and a Democrat will win in 2024.
  • Under_Maps_OF_twigs
    Donald Trump is likely going to be re-elected.
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    orange man rad
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  • Kas19
    Dude... did you digest too much soy?
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  • 1828avaava1828
    i used to gamble. it was fun
  • mycatsanoyingaf
    Can non Americans use that site?
  • nakedwomenrule
    FAKE NEWS...