Florida Serial Killer Set to be Executed


Gary Ray Bowles is a serial killer from Florida set to be executed August 22, 2019. He was sentenced for killing 6 men. He was raised in Rupert, West Virginia. His father was a coal miner and died of Black Lung Disease. His mother remarried several times. Bowles was violently abused by his second stepfather who was a violent alcoholic. At the age of 13, he fought back and severely injured his stepfather. He then moved out of the house and was homeless. He made some money by working as a prostitute.

Florida Serial Killer Set to be Executed

In 1994, he killed his first victim, John Hardy Roberts who offered him a temporary place to live. He beat and strangled him then stole his credit card. Over the next 6 months, he killed 4 additional men. In 1995, he was apprehended for the brutal murder of Walter Jamelle "Jay" Hinton and he confessed to all 6 murders. Bowles hit Hinton's head with a 40-pound steppingstone while Hinton was sleeping and stuffed a towel down his throat during the struggle. Bowles received the death penalty for Hinton's murder. While on death row, he confessed to the murder of John Hardy Roberts.

After his arrest for the murders, Bowles told police that following his 1991 release from prison he had moved to Daytona Beach, and moved in with a girlfriend where he resumed working as a prostitute. According to Bowles, his girlfriend became pregnant but then had an abortion after she realized that Bowles was a prostitute. Bowles told police officers that he blamed gay men for the abortion, and this led him to murder people.

“I just wanted to kill as many people as possible before they caught me.”

However in each case, the violence used was far more than needed to simply kill the victims. They were usually robbed, so there's reason to doubt that as a motive. The killer was skillful enough at gaining the trust of potential victims to make their deaths unnecessary. Bowles was careless enough to take victims credit cards and use them in clear view of store security cameras, this is how police were able to narrow him down.

Florida Serial Killer Set to be Executed

The police identified Bowles as a suspect early on, but he was constantly on the move, so he stayed ahead of them. While on the run, Bowles was put on the FBI's list of the 10 Most Wanted Fugitives for his four known victims. The case was profiled on America's Most Wanted in July of 1994. At that time Bowles was sharing a house with several other people. They called police when they saw his picture on TV and he was finally apprehended.

Bowles pleaded guilty to Hinton’s murder and he was sentenced to death in 1996. The Florida Supreme Court reversed the death sentence in 1999, due to the court’s improper handling of Bowles’ sentencing, but he was again given the death penalty in a re-sentencing hearing that same year. Governor Ron DeSantis signed Bowles death Warrant on June 11th. He is scheduled to die by lethal injection today, August 22, 2019.

Florida Serial Killer Set to be Executed
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  • Romeo0071234
    Not sure how to feel or what to say... I do not agree with what he did but I am also glad I am not the guy making the call to let him live or die. That's major shit.. but yeah that guy was fucked up in the head. I feel bad for his victims and probably trusted him and had no idea what they were in to.. sad.
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    • Xavier1954

      The arsehole should be taken from the gene pool. I would put a bullet behind his ear if I was asked too

  • Dude_1820
    I wonder how many people are going to comment on this of the inhumanity of the death penalty lol

    I’m definitely for it and my state saw to he execution of a man last week.
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    • Dude_1820

      You know what he’s requested as his last meal?

    • I'm pretty liberal but I'm in favor of the death penalty. There has to be an overwhelming amount of evidence. Some people are born evil and not everything can be fixed. People like this guy, Ted Bundy, the green River Killer, etc all don't deserve to live.

    • That's a good question. I'll look that up.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • shinka1y234
    Death penalty is not a punishment, otherwise nobody would commit suicide. You just take their life and they dont have to deal with the shit in that life anymore. It is like you make it easier for them.
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    • You can't punish them like they're a toddler if they're not sorry. He literally said that he wanted to kill as many people as possible until he was caught. I put that in the article. What about that says he sorry for his actions and he should go sit in timeout for the rest of his life?

    • And there are serial killers deeply afraid of death. Ted Bundy was on the way to the execution chamber and he was trying to bargain and beg his way out.

  • MotherlessDaughter
    I don't care if he had a sad life. He killed a lot of people he needs and he deserves to die. I mean you can't just go around killing people that's no excuse.
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  • Uncut
    I have no problems with the death penalty. I wish we had it here in Canada. My only issue is with how long these people have to sit on death row. That is what I find silly. Why waste all this money and resources on these people when in the end they will be killed.
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    • It's the appeals process that makes it take so long. Another appeal means another trial.

    • Uncut

      Yes I am aware just didn’t want to get into all the logistics of it all. In the end they die.

  • binginghockey
    I feel like some people try and make rapist and serial killers not to be so bad and frankly I think that’s not the case, in my opinion, if you kill or rape someone you deserve to die, I don’t care anyone’s other opinion. If you decide to kill some innocent person for no good reason, you deserve to die.
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    • This guy is a sick person, and there’s people who will say “he’s mentally ill” no fucking shit. He’s murdered people.

  • JKingOff
    I honestly feel like lethal injection is too good for him. I understand that biologically speaking he's human, and that certain laws apply. However this man is not human. Is monster wearing a person's skin. I think that he should be executed in the same manner that he killed his victims and by no less then the people closest to him.
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  • TrustOfWorthington
    YES kill him! Show the world who will do everything to get back into the primitive times when "bad humans" as defined by... someone, "got what they deserved"
    P. s. looking forward to the next innocent Deth Penalty attender.
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    • Waffles731

      This is a fucking serial killer.
      This is like saying people like Hitler don't deserve to die

    • So what? You think painfully killing a killer who painfully killed others is just? He should sit in prison and watch himself in the mirror as he deformes into an Old man remembering the last time he actually tasted self cooked food, had any sexual intercourse, felt the breeze of summer winds in the woods outside on his skin and write down everything he will never experiance again.

      You want him to suffer, yet you are paying innocent people to end a human life. And if we learned anything about hangmen, then that they suffer from their job or completely shut off any emotional senses.

    • Hitler doesn't deserve to die. Death isn't the ultimate punishment. It was a cheap and quick option. You didn't need trials, judt a weapon and someone who would willingly kill the guy on command.

      I thought about this a lot. Why are rapists getting often just 3 years in prison? And I thought about what I learned that Isolation does to the human mind. Why murderers on life sentence still plead their innocence although everybody knows they're guilty.
      People like them should be isolated for soo long until they understand what they did. Until they accept that they fucked up. Then they should be rehabilitated in a way that if they come back into society, that they have learned their lesson and don't reoffend.
      Killing them you give them a quick end. The damage is done and the victims never knew he felt the pain and suffering they felt and will feel forever.

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  • KaitieSearching
    I think he should be executed in the way he committed his murders. At least maybe his last thoughts would be understanding the damage he’s done.
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  • SkritchSketch
    My view on the death penalty is that it's much better to remove someone like this as a burden on the system than it is to just shove them into a 5x5 white box and feed them until they die of boredom. May not quite be the "karmic justice" some want, but I would much rather not be paying my tax dollars for his care.
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  • esotericstory
    I feel so bad for him. I hope one day there can be a government program to mind wipe these criminals and use them as death squads. Its kind of sad to use perfectly normal and sane elite troops to do this, people who are already insane should instead be trained to carry out these acts, provided they are mind wiped of course.
    • I wouldn't feel safe with a police office who is insane but trained to save my life.

    • Everybody can be a killer given enough stimulus.

    • I don't disagree with that. But if someone is insane, they need help not to be given a gun and thrown in the stressful situations cops go through every day.

  • Waffles731
    There are some people who are simply Evil.
    Serial Killers are among them
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  • CaptainSmartass
    Good. But why do an injection when gravity and a bit of rope can do the job just as well...

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    • Xavier1954

      So will an ounce of lead. Make him dig his own hole, stand him next to it the put a slug in his head. The body drops into the hole, you fill it in and leave it unmarked. He doesn't deserve that honor.

    • spartan55

      Doesn't FL still have the electric chair, or is that GA?
      Ride the lightning...

  • chriscdi
    I don't know, I've heard that murders are taken seriously and can lead to death penalty so im not surprised, thats here in florida of course but idc about this dude, 1 less person ig
  • BatmansWife
    “An eye for an eye...” Do to him what he did to his victims.
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  • highjinx
    well he asked for it , can go around killing people now can you.
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  • bulletbob555
    The death penalty is good when used in the right circumstances. This is one of the right persons to get the death penalty. Some people need to die. They have no socially redeeming qualities
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  • grega239
    in my opinion the death sentence is like a "get out of jail" card. Life imprisonment would be better.
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    • I don’t think he’d be bothered by what the population thinks... probably be happy that he’s famous. but yeah I agree with the prison part

  • katkit04
    Death penalty, why does society have to pay to keep these psychos alive?
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  • Xavier1954
    All murderers, rapists, child molester/pornographers, drug dealers should all be executed within 24 hours of conviction.
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  • BarksALot
    Oh my God, Fry that cocksucker like no other frying pan could.
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  • abc3643
    Evolution in action.
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  • MajesticTwelve
    Have a nice death, scumbag.
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    • This killer was built by his stepdad, day by dad, punch by punch and nobody cares about that? I find that appalling.

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