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Life in Coronavirus North Carolina: It's like a Snowstorm or hurricane without the weather

Yesterday Governor Roy Cooper ordered the shutdown of all K-12 schools and banned all gatherings of 100+ people( except parks, stores, resturaunts for the time being) in North Carolina. Over the last couple days the resturaunt I work at which is usually crowded on Friday, Saturday amd and Sunday is dead pretty much. The roads are not as congested with traffic. Walmart, Publix, Harris Teeter, and other major grocers are closing stores over night for the next while.

Life in Coronavirus North Carolina: Its like a Snowstorm or hurricane without the weather

The picture above was at my local Sam's Club today.

Life in Coronavirus North Carolina: Its like a Snowstorm or hurricane without the weather

All the bottled water except Dasani was grabbed up.

Life in Coronavirus North Carolina: Its like a Snowstorm or hurricane without the weather

stores like Publix, Lowe's Foods, And Harris Teeter are replacing the salad bars with prepackaged salads. Some even going as far as having no deli or bakery counter services.

Themeparks like Carowinds, Dollywood, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags over Georgia are delaying openings.

Stores are quickly running out of not just water and paper goods but meat and canned foods too.

Gas prices are lower than $2.00 where in my town the lowest price is $1.92. But with the possible shutdown how much longer will this last?

Churches, synagogues, Mosques, other places of worship are closing down with the exception of smaller churches with less than 100 members.

All high school sports, concerts, plays etc.. Are cancelled.

We still have our stores, resturaunts, salons, pharmacies, and alcohol places open. But for how much longer?

One thing's for certain, many of the pleasures we in the first World have taken for granted are now quickly disappearing before our eyes for now.

For now there are 32 cases in NC with 0 deaths. The latest case just 30 miles from me.

All I can say is I hope this nightmare ends soon.

Life in Coronavirus North Carolina: It's like a Snowstorm or hurricane without the weather
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Most Helpful Girls

  • silvermoon84
    I’m in New York and it’s nuts here too. Over 700 confirmed cases here, 100 of them being in my area and it’s rising every day. Everything is closing. This is the same everywhere. I feel like we’re all extras in the movie contagion. Hopefully the nightmare ends soon. I’m posting while in quarantine as one of the confirmed cases in my area is a coworker.
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    • I have a feeling all of America's going to be on lockdown pretty soon

    • Yeah. It’s scary and probably going to get worse before it gets better but it will pass

  • rubyrose83
    I'm in Raleigh and people are insane. I had to borrow toilet paper from work because it's no where to be found. Stores have started limiting how much people can buy, which they should've been doing anyway. The media is making everyone panic.

    Love how the only water that's left is Dasani 😂 So gross
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    • But if there was something bad happening and the media reported it truthfully, it would look the same. So you can’t just says it’s the media’s fault when you don’t know.

Most Helpful Guys

  • lucas262
    I'm in between Winston and Greensboro.

    Yea everyone seems to be out of water or soap etc

    people always react this way here when ever any thing slightly bad starts but now its just not stopping.
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  • navyP
    It's getting nuts her in ohio
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  • Apple1996
    School in my area of NC just on half days. Not sure how that's gonna help but yeah hopefully they will close completely. Life here is getting crazy, stores are still extremely crowded 😣
  • Forte89
    I'm in Michigan. You can get most food supplies but it just depends on what store. Our schools are closed too. The lines haven't been too bad the last few days but everyone is talking about the epidemic.
  • Daisy007
    I'm in CALI and same here it's like a zombie apocalypse in prep. they are getting EVERYTHINGGG in huge chunks and the lines are 5x more what they were or more of length
  • Purplemonkey24
    In Ohio, it's about the same. No eggs, milk, toilet paper, laundry soap or bread at the store right now
  • NineBreaker
    People need to calm down. I'm visiting Ohio right now, and I'm seeing these same thing. Friends and family in other states are reporting similar behavior. Seriously... CALM DOWN!
  • chriscdi
    yep here they are going more crazy than before a hurricane
  • AlongCameCindy
    there is coronavirus in my tiny little hometown, people are also self isolating in my road.
  • mariavasquez
    U guys have more water than Vegas no store has water.
  • Avicenna
    It's the same everywhere else.
  • Woodsrdr
    Sounds pretty much like martial lae to me...
  • BoxySama
    Stupid Americans
  • pokefan117
    Wow thats insane