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My take on the past two months and a half

My take on the past two months and a half

Where I live(Buenos Aires, Argentina) , we have been under mandatory lock down since around March 20. Instead of flattening the curve, our cases have been going up progressively. The government doesn't seem to have a real plan. And seems to comfortable having us under quarantine blaming coronavirus and the previous administration for everything that's happening in the country.

I feel like these decisions made by our government are taking a toll on our mental and physical health. We are not allowed to visit family, what they consider in essential doctor appointments keep getting canceled. We are not allowed to work out outside. Flights are banned until September, we don't know what the governments plan is.

Yes they have managed to keep coronavirus deaths low and the health system hasn't collapsed. But how many people may die from other things like hunger, depression, a weakened immune system because of depression and not getting enough sunlight. Some people aren't going to the doctor when they have other problems for fear of catching coronavirus at a hospital or just because their appointments get cancelled.

Many people are not allowed to work, the state of emergency punishes people that want to protest.

i wasn’t against quarantine in the beginning, I thought it was a way for people to get educated and for the government and businesses to come up with a safety strategy so that we could go back to what we can call normal today.

I miss everything.
It’s ironic how a few months ago I thought I didn’t have time to work on myself.

Now that I have 7 hours a day Outside of work I feel like I have been less productive than I was when I only had time on weekends.

Three months ago I wanted to start a part-time job to have enough hours to work on other projects. Today that I have that extra time, I find it extremely hard to concentrate.

Quarantine hit hard. zoom calls with friends were fun for the first two weeks. I miss going places.

I miss freedom, going for walks without a face mask on. I miss the gym, even though I had to force myself to go.

I miss brunch and dinners at restaurants, not the food per se, but the socialization aspect of it.

I miss choosing what to wear and getting ready to go out.

As weird as it sounds( because I used to talk to friends about how it felt like we didn’t have time for anything), I miss being in a rush, getting home from work and having to take a fast shower, getting ready to go to dinner without being late. Getting home from work at 7pm and getting ready to get to a gym class on time. Stress relieving workouts at 9pm when it felt like I needed them.

Waiting for the bus to go to tennis and have my teacher trying to convince me to take more classes.

Bouldering is hard but I miss bouldering Tuesdays after work. It was barely a workout but we would hang out and talk about life.

I miss the adrenaline of taking a bus at night at semi sketchy parts of BA and walking fast. Texting friends to let them know I made it home okay.
Getting in bed after a long day, falling asleep thinking about my dreams and waking up thinking about how I will work on them when the weekend comes.

Wandering around the city, window shopping, planning trips, sitting at a coffee shop.

I miss living life.

if anyone would like to correct my grammar, I'd be very thankful. I want to post this on social media!

My take on the past two months and a half
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  • bulletbob555

    I can't believe how its all happened. I went to the Dr. I stopped at grocery store on way home. Two days later they put us on lockdown. Kept hearing how there were no groceries and everything thought it was probably not where I was everything was so normal after my doctor visit. Now I'm going back for 3 month checkup. I just can't believe the change its been

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  • zagor

    Last week I finally was confident enough in my health and isolation that I went to visit my parents for the first time since Christmas. I've been getting outside a lot more the last few weeks (I don't live in the middle of a city) and have been feeling much better because of it.

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  • 007kingifrit

    yea and you know what the worst part is? the virus won't go away until everyone gets it so the lockdown is all for nothing. in america we have 8 or so states that never locked down and people got it and went on with their lives, no unemployment, no catastrophic death rate. its the places that locked down that did the worst and will suffer for a decade of unemployment

    flattening the curve means everyone will get it, we just spread out when... at least that's what it meant at first...

  • Wealthydentist

    Nos hemos quedado en casa desde el 23 de marzo. 🇬🇧 Me vuelvo loco en casa, tengo ganas de hacer cosas normales cómo antes. Ojalá que pudiera estar en España ahora mismo!!

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  • Keyspirit

    i LUV the fact that ur getting lockdowon with me and im enjoy every seconds of it

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