Should Demi Moore be condemned for sexually abusing a minor?

A disturbing video has emerged of actress Demi Moore ‘sexually abusing’ a child at a Hollywood party.

The video, from Entertainment Tonight, displays Moore, then 19, repeatedly kissing a teenage boy at his 15th birthday bash.

The clip, which was shot in 1982, has been on the internet for some time but has resurfaced among multiple accusations of child sexual abuse in Hollywood in recent weeks.

The boy in the video is Philip Tanzini, Demi’s co-star in General Hospital, whom she kisses passionately multiple times.

In the video, she professes to ‘love’ young Philip, talking to the camera about her affection for him.

She says:

I love him dearly. He’s one of my most favourite people… I love Philip and he’s the only one I love.

Philip tells the camera the pair are going to get married, and implores people not to tell Demi’s husband.

Demi was married when this footage was filmed – she married Freddie Moore when she was 17, but in this video she tells the camera she can’t wait to marry Philip.

She says:

I can’t wait. He really is truly terrific. He is, and I love him because he keeps me happy.

People in the video comments were obviously not happy with the situation, and were quick to call her out for her actions.
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Should Demi Moore be condemned for sexually abusing a minor?
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