When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

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When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

Be Selfish

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself? You are yours before you are anyone else's. You gotta spend the rest of your life with you. Starting to #loveyourself will make that life so much easier. Don't worry about other people loving you more than you loving you.

When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

Be Patient

Don't be obsessed with going into a relationship. The most important relationship is with yourself. The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Patience isn't just to make you wait. It's meant to prepare you. You can't be happy now if you're more focused on being happy later. Use this time to make the most of being single.

When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

Stay Lighthearted

A lot of single people get depressed and hopeless on Valentines. It's not worth it! It won't change anything. You shouldn't try to force something that flows.

When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

Happy Single's Awareness Day!!

No seriously. I love the g@g idea of #loveyourself for Valentine's Day.

It's nobody's job to like you but you and sometimes the relationship you need to rescue is the one with yourself.

When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself

When You're Single on Valentine's Day... #LoveYourself
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Plumy

    I'm not single but I understand from when I wasn't with my boyfriend so I wish everyone to be happy anyway and yup love yourself, your family, your friends and your dear ones, it is the day of love for everyone 💞

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Logorithim

    I dunno, I think just ignoring Valentine's Day is the way to go if you're single, or maybe attending one of those Valentine's Day parties...

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  • HughJass

    A fun and interesting MyTake.

    I have never dated nor had a girlfriend since the day I was born and didn't care about valentines day much. All I did was buying myself 2 medium chest full of all different chocolates and sat in my room, turned on netflix and watched something and downed all the chocolates.

  • mrsatori

    I'm so confused about people paying so much attention to such quite
    an ordinary day. Come on, if you love each other, every single day of the year should arouse as much happiness inside you, not just this one. If you don't have a significant other though, just be happy for those who do and rejoice that love still lives in this day and age despite seeming so vulnarable. But again, it's what you should remember throughout a year, not just on Valentine's Day.

  • DevilsAngel

    Your take on being single on valentines day is beautiful. I dont think its a big deal if you are single on this day. Valentines day maybe celebrated as a day of love but I dont think we should limit this celebration to one day. Love yourself, love your life, love your family and friends and love your partner if you are in relationship everyday. One shouldn't be disappointed if they are single they should enjoy and love their life no matter if its New Years or Valentines day.

  • YoungManTryin

    Nah, just have a healthy level of self-respect. Then carry on with cleaning your room and saving your father Geppetto from the underworld so that maybe someday you'll take responsibility for your life and become a real boy.

  • ncannon18

    To me Valentine's Day is just another normal day to do many things that you do every other day & it's nothing special. Thanksgiving & Christmas are 100x better than that Valentine's Day holiday.

  • godfatherfan

    Valentines day is complete bullshit and only women care about it.
    So with or without someone, I ignore it.

  • dandee55

    I'd like to have a sweetheart, but... The one who loves me most, loves me best. That's my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And I try my best to show him love back. But, I think it's great for couples to enjoy each other on this special day.

  • Aguysopinion4799

    *Crying now because being single doesn't seem so bad! ! !*

  • Unknownooo

    Why should I only pamper myself only one day? My birthday is on 15th so I am more focused on my birthday. 😛

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  • Rarewallflower

    Spend all day escaping from enemies who hate me for free

  • lonelyafxd

    At least all the single people don't need to buy stuff and have all the chocolate to themselves!

  • Deathraider

    I don't really celebrate it. I mean it's a capitalistic holiday about giving stuff to other people because you care about them.

    Oh wait, that's also Christmas.

  • thisGUYknows

    I've always wondered about Singles Events on Valentine's Day...

  • zagor

    Or just do whatever you'd be doing if it wasn't VD. Why bother even thinking about it. Not having a SO on VD has never bothered me any more or less than on any other day.

  • Commander_Courtney

    Thanks. I’m by myself this Valentine’s Day, hopefully not next year.

  • Valkyrie1

    I order two new vibrators for the occasion so I'm prepared. 😉🙄

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