Why does he want me back now? What is the motive for this?

So me and my ex0 broke up about 3 months ago. He started to see someone just 3 days after we broke up. We still talked and stuff even after we broke up. He told me he wanted me to move on. So I started seeing this guy. Well one night, we went out and just so happened to run into my ex and his new GF. We didn't talk or anything. He just kept staring at me. He and his Girlfriend got into a huge fight and left. The next day he called me up and told me he missed me and wants to try again. I asked if he was still with "HER" and he said yes so I told him "NO". He tells me when ever we see each other that he is miserable and he misses me and wants me back. I tell him I'm seeing someone and he is still seeing "her". I mean we have kissed since then but I pushed him away and told him no we can't we have other people to think about. It is to the point that I can't be alone with him because whenever I am he tries to kiss me and even go further. It isn't that I don't miss him and would take him back if I wasn't seeing anyone. I do still have feelings for him but I also have feelings for the guy I'm seeing too.

Why is it now that I'm seeing someone else he wants me back? Why won't he break up with her? If, he really wanted me back you would think he would, right? Is it that he is trying to play a head game? His friends and family tell me that I'm all he talks about and how miserable he is with her. So I don't know. I feel bad that his new relationship isn't going well, I do wish him the best but what am I to do? Please help.


Most Helpful Girl

  • he wants to go off and date and be with other people while at the same time seeing you so that way he knows you have no one. It's a mind game fueled by jealousy. It's like how moms trick us into eating food..when one sibling likes something that the other doesn't the mom takes away that food from the child that doesn't like it and gives it to the one that does...causing the one that doesn't like it to feel jealous and want it back. (same example can be used with toys) [child hates a ball, mom gives it to another child...the child that had it first hates seeing the other child have fun with the ball so he throws a tantrum to get the ball he "hated" back.]

    I'm sorry to say, but it is all a game in which you are either the food or the ball...he enjoys the fact that he is with another person, but hates seeing you with someone or having fun with someone so he is trying to "win" you back by doing the things he use to do with you. *kisses and further*

    Forget about him hun, he obviously isn't man enough to make up his mind...enjoy your time with your new man-have fun!

    -best of luck!