My ex boyfriend says he has been thinking about me a lot and misses me. What does he want from me?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago after it had been kind of rocky for awhile. Whenever he tried to talk to me after I ignored him because I was in a lot of pain and thought talking to him would make things worse. Last week he told me that he doesn't want me to ignore him and that he wants nothing more than for us to talk. He also said that he has been thinking about me a lot and that he misses me. After that I replied just to see how he has been. He wished me happy birthday at exactly midnight and says that he misses me whenever we stop texting. I know this sort of sounds childish but I just was wondering what he wants from me? talking to him hurts me too much because I still care about him. Should I not talk to him?

we were together for a year and a half


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree that this guy should be more thoughtful and besides just talking, if he's serious about you, he's going to try to impress you the first date or something like that. if he's just into talking, sure. when you're emotionally stable and not crying or in pain, talk to the guy.

    I would be careful of course. who knows where he's been or who he's been with or what he's done since the break.

    If he hurt you that much, please think of the reasons why you guys broke up and if they are non-repairable reasons, I suggest moving on.

    I totally agree he either hasn't gotten any or he truly wants a relationship. depending on his personality and his rep, you can see which one it is