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Rejecting an ex girlfriend to get her back?

Okay, ladies I need your honest opinion. I have read tons of articles online explaining that if you want your ex girlfriend back basically don't be... Show More

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  • dude, telling by the way she reacted to you saying "i don't plan on getting back together in the future", she wanted you. BAD. trust me I've been there done that. if you really love her and still have feelings for her than I think you should apologize and just ask her back. tell her that you realized that you messed up and shouldnt of said those things when all I really wanted was you. or something like that. so, yeah I hope this helps.

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  • So when the girl comes back to you, maybe you're supposed to make her work for it a little bit, but you straight up told her I don't want to be with you. All she did was listen to that, and believe you. So, in that situation, you probably should have told her the truth or nothing at all and just kept hanging out with her.

    • 2mo

      Don't always believe all the crap you read on the Internet. She wanted you, and you told her that you don't plan on getting back together with her anytime in the future. This was wrong!. So and say sorry and tell her your real feelings, and ask her out. It is never too late for love.

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