What should I do if my girlfriend doesn't listen to me when I tell her to stop doing something.

my girlfriend continually talks to her ex-bf even though she hasn't seen him in almost a year. I've asked her to stop talking to him but she just says I can't stop he's my friend you wouldn't understand. It really makes me angry and I just don't know what to do anymore.


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  • I have been in a similar situation as you My guy kept a lot of "female relationships/friendships" on the side. I never met any of them - he didn't mention them but he texted them/called behind my back. I was FURIOUS and felt betrayed by him being so disloyal. Maybe I was a little insecure or jealous.. but I felt these girls and HE was disrespecting OUR relationship AND my feelings. We broke up over this.. Got back together 3 mos later. He SWORE he wasn't talking to ANYBODY.. Guess what? He was... He valued them more than he valued me. For me it was a dealbreaker. I broke our engagement and never looked back. I could not be with a guy who would TOTALLY disrespect me.. and we were planning to be married. Had the ring - set the date... the whole 9 yards.. He has moved on and also.. I found out he had an onlinedating profile telling the WORLD he was SINGLE.. Don't trust this girl, Sweetie.. You deserve to be RESPECTED. If you did this to her? I DOUBT she'd be too pleased... She's too young to be with you in a committed relationship if she still has to communicate with an EX BOYFRIEND. I wouldn't allow it. Hugz...