Get her back by ignoring her?

Okay, I recently kind of messed up with a girl I really liked because I came on too strong and kind of cared too much at first, I kind of smothered her a bit so she pulled out the world famous "let's be friends" card, lol. After she told me that I'm not gunna lie I was hurt, so with my paranoia and... Show More

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  • It works. No doubt.

    My way of getting more interested when first obviously liked and then suddenly not interesting at all, is that it leaves questions (I'm the philosopher, can't get enough to wonder about). Nobody can just change their feelings about someone! In my opinion it is a process and takes longer time than a day or a week when it means something.

    All my girlfriends who plays "the game" knows about this rule and still falls for it. My best friend is the queen of the game and mostly gets the guys she want, but when they use this "ignoring-rule" she misses them more than you can imagine even if she did not have any interest in them at all, that'll say they were an experiment. She lost her slaves that adores her. But that is just her way of getting a compliment: a boy adores her. Preferably at least two years older.

    As to short things up; try it! If it doesn't work than I'm sorry to say she isn't the one for you.

    Hate me... but think logically.