I want my girlfriend to cheat??

I've always wanted my girlfriend to cheat on me but she never would but when we broke up she had sex with another guy a week later and there was nothing else I heard hearing (a friend was at the party who told me) so its not like I don't enjoy it and I was totally fine not Because we broke up and I was done but I really enjoyed it, I was just wondering if there are any girls out there who wouldn't mind being in a relationship like this, I would only cheat if you allowed me to too so it could be just you having fun and I'd be totally fine with that. anyone be OK with this?


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  • You have a cuckold fetish.

    It's best to use that term rather then "cheat"..cheating is emotionaly wrong in a relationship. Your girlfriend will better understand you. Your situation has to do with a sexual fetish, but the relationship is still healthy.

    But if you want to "cheat" too, maybe it's a swinger type thing. I'm sure many adventurous girls would be fine with it. I wouldn't be because sex and intimacy tie into one another for me. I wouldn't be able to have sex with someone (eww, strangers) and then cuddle up to you. It just does not work. I guess you should look for more sex based relationships.

    • what if I am aware of her sex life and am fine with it and only she can have sex with other people and I just get to masturbate, not even have sex with her so I am getting nothing, what if you like this?

    • that's cuckold

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  • You're not asking for a woman to cheat on you, you're asking permission to be in an open relationship or possibly to "Swing". This boils down to commitment issues and self esteem. If you're not ready to be in a committed relationship, then don't be in one. if you want to play the field and still have a woman at home, you're asking a tall order from any woman because jealousy is a natural instinct. We covet and protect what is ours by nature. it takes a very specific type of woman to be able to partake in a relationship like this and I promise those women are few and far between, and will not respect you as a man, and probably have self respect issues themselves. make your choice but make sure that the woman you become involved in fully understands your grounds and wishes and the life you've chosen for yourself. Good luck in your search.

  • You fall under the cuckolded category of sexual appetites. Watching your girl getting it on with another guy. Yeah, there are women into it for sure! Just like there are open hook ups, ie. one main squeeze and several other options. There's also the swingers, who just switch partners from time to time, etc.

    • so its not weird at all that I enjoy it when my girlfriend is having sex with other guys, because when we were together we would go to like these dance things and I would let her dance with other guys and kind of watch them grab and rub her while she would stick her hands down their pants, like I don't know I feel like no one is excepting or anything of that

    • nope, not weird. It's a fetish or a lifestyle. You're not alone. Lots of guys get off watching their girl get off by another guy.

    • ok good, I need to find a girl who likes this then!

  • I would not be but I am sure there are girls out there who would do it. See Swinging.

  • Yeah sure, I would love to be in a relationship with a brainless guy with no self control whatsoever. Prick.


  • Nope! I like my guy to show me love and treat me like a princess

    so no I wouldn't not in a million years

    I like to feel like a women.. Feel sexy and wanted

    don't want to hear that my man find an other sexier than me :'(

    so no

  • I Would! Hehe, :D

    • really?! would you still have sex with me or no?

  • Try to look for what's called an "open" relationship. Nothing is considered cheating in that.

  • sorry I think good for you you know what you want. and I'm sure someone will be okay with that some day. but for me, no, no, no, no, no, no. lol. good luck.

  • are you for real?

  • My ex boyfriend always asked me to sleep with other men. He told me all about the cuckhold and that this was a big fantasy of his. I never was keen on it. Everyone told me it was weird. I think he is secretly gay or at least a bit bi-sexual


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  • Are you submissive? Any bi fantasies?

    Often -- although not always -- that goes along with cuckoldry.

    • idk I just likeher f***ing other guys

  • Your into "open relationships" No I'm not into it. Cheating is wrong for lots of reasons. Hurting someones feelings, giving your partner an std, hurting others around you if you have kids, or other people that love you both as a couple. Why cheat when you have someone that fulfills you. Why ruin something you have. Cheaters are people who are selfish, take people for granted, and don't appreciate what they have.

  • Keep in mind there is a big difference between cheating on each other and a truly "open relationship" - they shouldn't be confused.

  • Is anyone ther?

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  • I want a girlfriend to chat to share my opinions she must be beautiful

  • ask yourself this: would it turn you on to see me sliding my big fat **** into your girlfriend? Would it turn you on to watch me make her come in ways you've never seen? Would you enjoy it if she came to me instead of you for sexual satisfaction? If so, you are a cuck. Many girls and guys are into this lifestyle. You should make these desires known at the beginning of the relationship though. I'm sure many women would enjoy having a confidant and the friendship and security of a boyfriend and still be able to seek out and f*** the best sex partner she could find. Its like a license to be a slut without the negative blowback. If you're into it seems like you could have a successful relationship with a woman into the same thing. Although some women would lose respect for a guy like that.