I want my girlfriend to cheat??

I've always wanted my girlfriend to cheat on me but she never would but when we broke up she had sex with another guy a week later and there was nothing else I heard hearing (a friend was at the party who told me) so its not like I don't enjoy it and I was totally fine not Because we broke up and I was done but I really enjoyed it, I was just wondering if there are any girls out there who wouldn't mind being in a relationship like this, I would only cheat if you allowed me to too so it could be just you having fun and I'd be totally fine with that. anyone be OK with this?


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  • You have a cuckold fetish.

    It's best to use that term rather then "cheat"..cheating is emotionaly wrong in a relationship. Your girlfriend will better understand you. Your situation has to do with a sexual fetish, but the relationship is still healthy.

    But if you want to "cheat" too, maybe it's a swinger type thing. I'm sure many adventurous girls would be fine with it. I wouldn't be because sex and intimacy tie into one another for me. I wouldn't be able to have sex with someone (eww, strangers) and then cuddle up to you. It just does not work. I guess you should look for more sex based relationships.

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      what if I am aware of her sex life and am fine with it and only she can have sex with other people and I just get to masturbate, not even have sex with her so I am getting nothing, what if you like this?

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      that's cuckold