Should I call my ex after 3 weeks of no contact?

It has been 3 weeks we have never spoken. He broke up with me because we fought a lot. We were friends and have mutual friends. I try to not to contact him and was just hoping that he would call but I have never heard from him since.

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  • My answer is yes , But only if you think about him then its no use just standing still and waiting for something to happen , but you should consider what you broke up for and if you understand his point of view and you are ready to work things out with him with less fighting/drama , that is a real turn off if its a permanent thing when you try to be with someone .


    hope that you will get over this situation soon one way or an other .

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      Update :

      I didn't see the other answer and that you already tried once to make up , maybe its better to wait as "question_girl223 wrote .

      My personal opinion is that you may want to try to move on if he does not have any intention (that you know of) to make up with you .