My ex called me a stalker?

So... my ex broke up with me about 6 weeks ago. I acted desperate and begged him on the day of the breakup, but I didn't contact him for about a month. I sent several texts after that, he replied to some but ignored most of them.

Then he texted me out of nowhere that he wanted to see me again. I knew I needed to act cool but I became all desperate again.

After seeing him, I became desperate and made so many mistakes. I showed up at his place and gave him a letter. Letter basically said how I was selfish for pushing my happiness on him, but still wanted to see him before he leaves.

I also messaged his sister and friends for advise.

And now he called me what I'm doing is what stalkers do...

When I last saw him a week ago, he said I could visit him in August. (We'll be in a long distance)

But now, I don't know... He left without even saying goodbye to me.

He's ignoring me now and I won't contact him for a while.

I plan to contact him in the end of July about me visiting my friends in his area and see if he still wanted me to stop by at his place for a few days.

Bad idea? Should I just move on? Will he forgive me about me acting like a stalker?

p.s. I don't know how to set my age range, but I am in my early 20s.