Does he want me to get pregnant subconsciously? Help guys?

I've been with my boyfriend for a good few months now. We've not had sex yet, but we have talked about a possible future together.

Lately he's been touching my belly quite a bit and holding me their. One time he was like 'I'm going to punch you in the baby maker' for a joke but then grabbed me there and rubbed my stomach instead.

Tonight ended up talking about how we'd raise our kids if we had any. He's told me he thinks I'd be a good mum. Everything went silent and we were just lying cuddling and he blurted out 'do you want to make a baby?' And I was like 'what?' So he repeated it again. I was a little shocked and asked him to repeat it again, and he did. But when I said 'is that what you want?' He was like 'no...'

So I'm pretty much confused. I just don't get why he'd ask me such a serious thing and then quieten down like he did. Any opinions?


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  • "he was like no"? When he's serious about it, ask him if he's serious about marriage also.


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  • That's a good question. Whatever is going though his mind though, I'd say it's a good sign. It sounds like he really loves you, and not just after sex.

    Some guys like myself really are attracted to girls stomachs. It's just a very intimate place to hold.

    Subconsciously wanting to get you pregnant. It does sound interesting. The fact that he talks about it as well as grabs your stomach. He very well might want to.

  • He's letting you know that he's interested in having children.

  • Yes, definitely. You're one night of loving away from wiping some kid's ass.

  • I'd be wary of what this means though... lots of men leave girls once they're prego, not realizing the seriousness of having a baby. He's saying this after only being with you a couple months, I'd be worried if I were you


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