Why don't guys text back?

So there's this guy I like, and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. He works all the time, so during the week our only form of communication is texting. I don't text him that often, but I want to know why sometimes he'll respond RIGHT away and others he just won't ever respond.

I mean, if you liked a girl and she texted you, wouldn't you always respond?


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  • I agree with all the for mentioned. They beat me to it! LOL. You should give your guy the benefit of the doubt that he's just really caught up with work, or like superstrength said he doesn't always have his phone on him. Guys don't seem to be as attached to their phones like us girls are. However, not to get you down, you have to also consider that he night not be interested. But don't jump to conclusions! Actions speak louder that words.. er texts. So evaluate how he treats you the rest of the time to determine his feelings and don't base on the texting patterns alone. Whatever happens just realize situations like this are always win win. If he totally digs you, win. If he doesn't, then just be glad that you found out soon enough and realize that you have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you meet your prince, its a learning experience, you win. =]


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  • He could be like me, I leave my phone on my desk or my dresser when at home. I could not have it on me for hours at a time. Also if I get no signal, my phone doesn't tell me if I missed a text, or maybe the text doesn't get to me for a couple of hours or a couple of days because it just got lost by the phone company.

    There are people with no email/phone/text courtesy. One of my friends I've known for years almost never replies to his emails. It seems the only time he communicates with people is when he wants to.

    Not sure what is happening with this guy you like, but it's possible he isn't ignoring you.

  • Yes if he liked you he would respond right away this is how me and my girlfriend talk we both work at least 5 days aweek so its hard to talk I went from like 400 text msgs a month to over 5,000 yes we text a lot and no matter what time it is ill text her back even if that's waking up in the middle of the nite


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  • i don't have advise but this drives me nuts too. your not alone. and then I always feel stupid for how available I make myself. I just tell myself not even to bother with stupid texts. I mean if its a joke that's too good not to say, or details on a plan, or answering an important question...otherwise if its important enoug he can call. nobody wants to feel like a slave to their phone. and if I think about it like that...i actually start to understand why they do it

  • I strongly disagree with confused. You said he works all the time. Meaning at some point he actually must be working. Before me and my boyfriend got together he was the same way with this kind of stuff and I used to stress about it hard core. The fact that this guy is answering you period is a good thing. He is showing interest in what you say and actually replying. Don't worry about the amount of time it is taking him to respond. Give the guy a chance.

    • It takes 15secs to respond to a text you can work and text at the same time when I work I bust my ass but I still have a few secs to text her

  • I know it's hard to accept the truth. But.. he might be not really interested - from my first hand experiences.

  • Well, I don't respond right away, beause it will make me seem like I'm easy. And guys that think girl are too easy lose interest fast. Boys love challenges. I think What you should check for is if he's texting to you, just to see what your doing. It means you on his mind.

    Most guys won't text to a girl if they aren't interested. The girl textes them and they will either text right away or take a realy long time. At first it'll seem like they keep texting you back, then it slows down. They Lost interest. Well plus your talking about stuff he doesn't want to hear. He's a guy he has guy friend, and guys don't have the same convo's as girls.

    He'd listen to what you have to say if he likes you.

    Warning if a boy tells you your hot by text, don't be surprised if ask for pictures of you. He'll only want to talk about your body, not your personality.

  • Totally same thing happening to me now! He does at least respond to me on some things and other times he wont. He tells me he is stuck working...which is so true! He came to work on something for my company and his phone kept going off like crazy. So I totally understand that he could be busy. I asked him if he still wanted to see me and he said yeah. I don't call or text all the time, mostly wait for him to call me. So the signs of him texting back a little are still good. Totally treats me like he is interested too when we are together...so no worries ladies! I've been there too!

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