He initiates the conversation, but doesn't keep it going?

He usually initiates the conversation, but then he'll suddenly just stop texting after a while. If I reply to him after the silence he'll answer quickly, but still not keep it going. Why? I hung out with him for the first time yesterday and he was the one who asked me out. He seemed really interested sweet... I'm scared to reply to him because I don't want him to think I'm clingy. Help?


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  • 1. He doesn't know what to say
    2. He's Busy
    3. He's sick of text conversations
    4. You're texting him too much
    5. He'd rather be doing something else

    y'all only hung out once. Maybe y'all should talk more face to face.


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  • Girls are more conversationalist than guys. I never thought that a girl that texted me was clingy.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he asked you out he is interested don't stress! Boys are pretty bad at texting and are always preoccupied, as long as you still feel the vibes irl than you'll be fine :)