If a guy cuddles you all night?

So I stayed over the guy I'm dating's house last night for the first time. We both said before hand that we wouldn't have sex because it is too early and we want to build a stronger relationship first. We cuddled whilst watching a couple of movies then we slept in his bed which is a single. We spooned all night and made out a bit (didn't really sleep lol).

Is that a good thing that he kept his word and that he cuddled me the whole time? And what do guys get out of cuddling? is it a protective thing? He had his arms round me the whole night

Just interested in the whole science-y aspect of cuddling really


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  • not sure there is much science behind it... it feels nice. And there it is... JohnScofield787's Theory of Cuddling. It is very scientific.

    • haha well same as what I thought though, just feels really nice

    • Well if you ever need a cuddle, stop by. I like em too. Best wishes with you guy... and yes it was good he did what he said he was going to do as far as sex goes.

    • haha thanks but I've already got my quota of cuddles from him :D Thank you and yeah, proves I can trust him


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  • Cuddling is a bonding experience. It's a way of showing we care about you and just like your company and being close to you. Honestly, it just feels nice having you in our arms. You're warm, cute and comforting.

    • Thank you for your answer :)

  • bonding.. and its comfy.. plus, if your anything like my girlfriend, cuddling is the only way to prevent you from sticking your foot in my mouth. that women can't stay still in her sleep

  • good thing that he respected your wishes. relationships are built on trust and communication

    • thanks for your reply :)

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  • Holy shit! That is adorable. Keep him around. Most guys I've been around are so pushy for sex even though I tell them no it's not happening right now. How cute. Yes it is a protective thing. Males are naturally like that. It's pretty hot /cute all the time.

    • Thanks, I plan on keeping him haha :) I know, I was really surprised he wasn't going to push for that. It was actually his idea not to. First guy I've been with that was that cuddly was so nice

  • I remember those nights... ***sigh***
    It means he adores you :)

    • Thank you it was amazing :) You think so? I've only known him about a month and a half but he seems to have really fallen for me so far

    • I totally think so. Enjoy every second!

    • Thank you! :D