What does it mean when a guy touches you all over!

I have this friend and I really like him. the other night we where watching a movie and he was rubbing the in side on my thy. then we went to bed and we where cuddling really tight and even now and then he would thrust agent me!

our foreheads & nose were touching and he kept trying to kiss me.

then he was feeling me up at the same time,

and tickling my belly. Then I kissed him goodnight and he put his hands down my pants and rubbed me a couple of times.

Then we just healed hands for a bit.

DO YOU THINK HE LIKES ME? :| I'm so confused on what to do with me and him.


Thanks everyone, I no I shouldn't have but I liked him so much.

I'm going to stop, and I'm talking to him tonight about it!

I'm saying I'm not doing it anymore unless he actual likes me.

thank you.


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  • Why are you sleeping in the same bed with a guy who is not your boyfriend? I don't really get the question? What it means is he is horny and he is rubbing and touching you because he wants sex. Does he like you? He obviously has some level of sexual attraction to you but that doesn't mean he wants anything else. In fact, now that he has been able to do this, he may well not have any vision of being with you other than to touch you and try for sex.

    Stop with the sleepovers. In fact, I would stop having him over at all. The whole cuddling and rubbing thing is crazy to have with a guy who you don't even know enough to figure out if the likes you or not.


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  • Na, he's not really into you. I mean, these are all the same things I do with my sister when we go to bed to cuddle and kiss.


    Get a clue, and quit letting boys put their hands down your pants unless you're both dating already. Letting "randoms" grab at you all over is a sure way to become that girl all the guys don't respect.

    You need some boundaries, and FAST!

    ~ Robby

  • I agree with bobair. Unless you two are dating, I'd stop it at cuddling. Hand down your pants should be limited to boyfriend only...


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  • It isn't enough for him to actually like you. He needs to be ready to ask you to be his girlfriend. So, instead of saying "you need to like me" I would say "I will only do this with my boyfriend". Then, be prepared to be strong and if he does not say that he wants to have you for his girl, you have to make sure you do not go down this path. From my experience a guy will hear what you say but still continue to ramp up on all the touching, etc. and the next thing you know you had sex, you think he understands that the two of you are together and he doesn't think that at all.

  • He is at the very least sexually attracted to you. That doesn't necessarily mean he likes you romantically though, you would have to gauge that by judging how he acts when he's not touching you. Honestly if he is not your man you shouldn't let him do all this stuff to you. It's possible that he may see you as just hookup material and not like a girlfriend, you're making it too easy for him and there is no challenge. So hold off on the hanky panky until you know for a fact this guy likes you for real and is even willing to make it official.