Guys, what does it mean if a guy fingers me in bed but doesn't want anything in return?

This guy and I were good friends 10+ years ago but lost touch. I had a huge crush on him all throughout high school/college, and he has alluded to the fact that he may have had a crush on me back then too. Anyway, a couple months ago, he reached out and we've been texting pretty much everyday since. We are both going through some stuff right now, so we've been really supportive of each other. Long story short, he is going through a divorce (the relationship has been completely over for 7+ months but the divorce is not yet finalized because they need to sell the house) and I broke up with my long-term boyfriend a few months ago ((my decision to end the relationship). We've actually talked a little about what is going on between us, and he said he likes connecting and wants to let things happen organically if there is something between us.

After our conversation about what was going on between us, we were hanging out. He was very affectionate towards me (lingering hugs, draping his arm across my legs, etc.). We ended up in his bed. He spent a lot of time just massaging and caressing my shoulders/neck/stomach. He ended up fingering me for a long time (multiple orgasms on my part). I could tell he was very turned on but he didn't want to have sex. I was rubbing him through his pants but he was just laying there super stoic. He said a couple of times that it wasn't about him, that it was about me and he said something about the stress relief for me.

While he was fingering me, he was nuzzling my neck and kept giving me sweet long kisses on the lips. We've still texted everyday since then, but he has made no more mention of seeing me. I sometimes get the feeling that anytime things become too "real", he pulls away a little.

What do you think is going on? Does he genuinely have feelings for me or am I just his company and support system during a tough time?
Guys, what does it mean if a guy fingers me in bed but doesn't want anything in return?
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