He's shy to hug me... why?

A male buddy of mine who likes being around me and who cares about me and is protective of me, is shy when he hugs me but comfortable when he hugs his other friends... he also appears to be a bit bothered when other guys check me out... why is this?

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  • Probably he is not shy he is afraid of offensive reaction u will give on hugging u...


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What Guys Said 2

  • He does like you and he is shy. The reason he is comfortable with hugging his other friends and not you is because he has stronger feelings for you and he gets scared because he doesn't want to mess things up with you. It's like how a lot of people fee before giving a speech they are fine practicing, but when the big moment comes they get nervous.

    That is not to say he doesn't like you, its just because he likes you he gets nervous because he doesn't want to mess up.

  • hew doesn't like you enough to make a move... you're out of luck pal


What Girls Said 2

  • If he saw you as a friend he wouldn't care

    • He's a caring helpful person in general... but he did worry when I was crying... so why is he shy to hug me?

    • I mean he wouldn't care about the hugging because he would be hugging another friend if he just saw you as a friend also he wouldn't care about other guys checking you out.

  • He obviously likes you! ヾ (*´∀`*) ノ

    • When a guy likes a girl he's shy to touch her?

    • Sometimes yeah and no guy wouldn't be jealous unless they liked em!.

    • Yea he is protective of me...